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What Is Affiliate Network VS Affiliate Program

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hi my name is ali novak and this channel  is all about affiliate marketing  and today’s video is about an affiliate  network  versus an affiliate program so in this  video we’re going to discuss  what an affiliate network is and the  difference when you sign up with an  affiliate program  more so the affiliate company versus the  affiliate network  okay so the affiliate network is mainly  where you have  merchants different companies that are  looking for  affiliates to promote their products so  the affiliate  network is what hosts the  many different affiliate companies and  many different affiliate programs  in order to be able to look look out to  a wider type audience this way they can  have more affiliates promote their  products  so that’s what an affiliate network is  so you have some affiliate networks like  clickbank you have share sale  you have impact

you have commission  junction  so those are examples of some affiliate  networks  now mainly the main reason why you might  want to apply to  a the company itself versus an  affiliate network is because the company  might have a higher commission versus  you know just applying to the affiliate  network  but on the other hand you may come  across an affiliate network  that still gives you the same commission  as the company alone so sometimes it  might not even matter  which one you want to really be a part  of when you’re promoting a certain  product  okay so now i’m going to name a few of

the top affiliate networks  all right so one is commission junction  which offers about three percent of 30  percent  on their commissions and you also have  share  sale which pays out about fifty dollars  to their affiliates  and you also have clickbank which offers  about 75 percent  on some of their products and then you  also have  impact which gives out about 40 percent  to their affiliates  now if you want to learn more about some  of these top affiliate networks you want  to check out this video  here and now also  with amazon as you may have noticed they  have decreased  their commissions so you might want to  check out some of the affiliate networks  that i mentioned in this video  and some that i mentioned in my top  seven affiliate networks  and also another affiliate program that  pays out  high ticket commissions is nike now  amazon does have a lot of nike products  but as i mentioned their commissions  have decreased

so you might want to check out my video  on the nike affiliate program  and also i have two free ebooks  there’s a link below the video all you  gotta do is put in your email address  and you will receive two  free ebooks now these ebooks have the  most profitable affiliate niches  so check out the link below the video  and now i’m going to name  a few of the profitable affiliate niches  that you might want to look into  versus the affiliate networks so a few  of the  affiliate companies that offer high  ticket commissions  are net to fitness and bowflex now net  to  fitness pays out eight percent  commission  so some of their products are priced to  almost  four thousand dollars so all you need is  just a few sales  from net to fitness and you can make out  really decent for the month  now also we have bowflex bowflex  has a commission of three percent and  they have a 30-day  cookie for their affiliate link so the  affiliate link stays in a person’s  browser  for 30 days

so here with bow flex  a lot of their products are priced  almost to about three thousand dollars  so all you need is just a few sales  between  bowflex and net2 fitness and you can  even throw in  the nike affiliate products and you can  make out  probably with at least you know a good  thousand dollars a month  just from these three affiliate programs  alone  now if you want the full list of all the  profitable affiliate niches that i have  researched myself  you want to put in your email address  and a link below this video  and now i’m just going to go through a  few more but if you want the whole the  whole list  of all the profitable affiliate niches  you want to check out my free ebook  below  all right so another affiliate niche  that you might want to look into  is the travel niche now here we have  tripadvisor with their affiliate program  where they pay out 50 commission  now here with the travel niche you can  always market  local domestic travel

so you can do  like traveling to alaska traveling to  florida hawaii so you don’t have to  market overseas with the travel niche  you can always do  local and this narrows down  your search so this way you can get more  traffic  so you might be better with marketing  local and another niche that you can  look into  is digital products so you might want to  look into something like  click funnels leadpages there’s also  builderall  now if you do want the full list like i  said you want to check out my free  ebook below this video now that’s pretty  much  it for for this video so mainly when  you’re looking  into affiliate networks and affiliate  programs  you really just want to do your research  and see which  ones pay out the highest commissions  please  like this video subscribe and i’ll see  you in the next video  so  you

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