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welcome to another episode of cash  freedom with stephen i’m your host  steven today we’re going to be talking  about  three online businesses that you can  start today number one is spreadshirt or  print on demand you might have heard of  this before  what you do you go on their website you  upload a design  and then they take over all the overhead  so there’s basically no money out of  pocket it’s a very  easy business to start you can start it  today go to the website  login or sign up make some design you  can either make it on photoshop  or if you’re not that creative go to  canva is a very  free free and useful way to make designs

i use it all the time to make my  thumbnails  and eventually i might be able to afford  photoshop number two  number two something that you probably  heard or seen a lot of  gurus offering on instagram youtube  etc it’s drop shipping you can still do  drop shipping today and i’m actually  trying it myself  and you see this chain this chain  actually got from a drop shipping  merchant  so what they do they go to you’ve probably heard of  them  they also have a stock alibaba all you  do is log on to aliexpress  you type in gold plated necklace search  and look at that voila  and this is the one i bought the 20 inch  this person bought it for w studio  and good time four dollars four thousand  three cents and they sold it to me  for 33 dollars so you can see the  profits and margins are there  so i just want to show you guys if we  swing over to amazon you can see this  person just basically copied the images  from  aliexpress and nothing more complicated  than

that if you like to buy this chain  link will be down in the description  below so you go on their website  there’s plenty of um different products  on there that you can sell  and you can use ally it’s a free tool  which allows you to see all the  different products and how many orders  they sold and um the training products  and also allows you to see  how reliable um the mercedes

so i’m not going to go too deep into  drop shipping because there’s several  it’s a a very saturated market on  youtube and my video won’t rank let’s  just be honest  so just google or go on youtube and type  up how to make a drop shipping store  there’s plenty of stores that can help  you there’s plenty of youtube channels  that can help you to make a store  that can help you make a drop shipping  store and you can get started today  number three number three is call  drop servicing so drop servicing is  a different i guess a play on being a  middleman  aka pimp my name is a pimp named  slickback  let’s say you want to start a youtube  editing  service or you want to edit photos for  people or even  take pictures to someone code for um  someone’s website etc but you tried  doing it yourself and you’re not that  good at it what you could do is just be  the middleman what you do is reach out  to companies  youtubers instagram stars and you offer  out your services  once you get that that agreement with  that person or  business you take you go to fiverr

you go to fiverr and you hire somebody  else for a cheaper  price so let’s say you prime you promise  to edit the video for a youtuber for a  hundred dollars  then you take that video to fiverr and  you offer  a freelance worker thirty dollars to  edit that video  so you just made a 70 profit for doing  nothing all you are is the middleman you  take  you take the get the contract or to sign  the project and just go to fiverr  and then get someone else to do the work  and then just take it back  right to the original person that you  made the agreement with and there you go  so those are three quick businesses  plans that i just outlined and  if you want any more information on  these businesses on how how to  start them or in-depth we have the  wonderful world of youtube  on that note stephen out

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