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The Number 1 Reason To Start A Online Business

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what’s good well builders this boy  devon  back again with another video and today  we’re talking about what’s the number  one  reason to start an online  business so let’s go  real quick make sure you subscribe to  this channel to talk about making more  money  saving more money we’re building a  better you  and business without further ado let’s  get to the topic on hand  what’s the number one reason to start  your online  business all right

so  i know you probably think to yourself we  all know what the number one reason to  start all  online businesses right money  that’s the number one reason that’s it  right there right  money moolah cheddar never owe cash  all that good stuff right that’s the  number one reason  no it’s not the number one reason  it’s not the number one reason but it’s  the re it’s  the result of the number one reason if  that makes sense  the number one reason you want  to have an online business  is because you want options  you want options you want the ability  to be able to be like nah  i’m not doing overtime this week for  what  i made a thousand dollars five hundred  dollars  in my online business already why should

i why should i rush in to do  an extra eight hours on a saturday right  you already you already already made  a thousand or maybe five hundred dollars  in your online business of profit  profit you’re talking profit here in  your online business and  why should you go in and do this  over time and take time away from your  family  time away from your business time away  from your  your other things you want to do with  yourself you know i’m saying maybe you  you have a hobby that you like to do  things like that  and you you’re taking time away from  yourself  to go to your job because they need you  to do overtime what they want you to do  over time or overtime is available  but you’re making this money that’s what  i’m saying  you have the freedom freedom more  freedom  more freedom to choose how much work  more freedom to choose um  fun time what you do with your family  say like you know  on the weekends before you had it before

you would make your money in your  in your online business you couldn’t  take your family out because all you  were doing was paying bills  i’m saying every week you were just  paying bills but now with your online  business  you can take your family out you got an  extra income stream  able to provide  more for yourself and your family  crazy so  that’s the whole reason behind starting  a online business whatever it is  and i’m saying me specifically my my  business model  is marketing content and  building websites e-commerce sites  also affiliate marketing that’s one of  my number one  ways of making money is my affiliate  marketing uh  youtube channel i have different avenues  of income online  that’s so i can not have to depend on  just one  number one and number two i’m a  multi-faceted type of person

i  i do i do multiple things in my life  i’m saying i work out i like stocks  i like um real estate i  i mess around with real estate i have  you know a couple properties  and that i rent out i’m also  a property manager okay  for a couple properties and also  i work yeah i have a nine to five  so i come from the place of  knowing why you have  a online business of some sort because  you want to be able to make  choices for yourself and not always have  to work  because you need money see the need for  money  causes you not to have choices  the need for money makes you say  oh man

i gotta do this i gotta work  these hours i gotta put this overtime  man  i gotta stress that i make sure i make  40 hours this week or 50 hours this week  or  60 hours this week because you know my  family needs it  my family got you know has to eat i have  to survive  and that’s the thing when you’re in  survival mode you can’t make  your own choices you don’t make your own  choices anymore  you’re in survival mode so you have to  survive  you have to get away from survival mode  okay you have to get away from  living day-to-day  trying to survive trying to make things  you know move accordingly  to pay the bills just to pay the bills  okay that’s not what we  that’s not that’s not the purpose of  living  just to pay bills and die  i’m saying like go to work pay bills  and die that’s that’s not the purpose of  living  living is  you you know  you go to work you do your thing

but  you also spend time with your family  spend time with your friends go have  travel a little buy the things that you  want to buy  invest in the things you want to invest  build wealth  build financial security  get a little bit of time freedom for  yourself  relax don’t do nothing no i’m saying  sometimes you just don’t want to do  anything  you just want a day where you’re just  kidding  you know i’m saying and when you when  you put the work in  and you have income streams working for  you  you can do that and that’s the whole  point of online marketing  that’s the number one reason why you  need to be  doing online marketing choices choices  choices all right so  anyhow if you want to learn how to make  100 to 500  a day sharing a phone number  then check out the link below uh you can  put your information in or you can check  out the phone number

the phone number is below or the pinned  um  the pin comment and uh you can learn  how you can to make 100  500 a day sharing this information okay  and it’s very easy you know i’m saying  it’s not  complicated you know it’s not  rocket science none of that stuff i’m  saying it’s not a whole bunch of hoopla  either it’s a service that you’re  providing and  sharing to people okay so  with that being said thanks for watching  man  thanks for subscribing it’s your boy  devon  signing off for the number one  reason to start a online marketing  business  do you remember what brothers make more  save more build more  it’s the wealth builders baby

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