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hey what’s up you guys it’s annie welcome or welcome back to my channel where i help you to grow your youtube channel from the ground up and in today’s video i’m sharing with you guys the number one very best way to make a lot of money really quickly as a youtuber without having to be monetized yes any youtuber of any size can do this whether you have a million subscribers or 34 subscribers and the this i’m talking about is affiliate marketing which is a term

i first so long avoided because it sounded so overwhelming and so technical and so hard to do until i learned how easy it is to do and how fast the money comes in so i posted on my community tab over on my youtube channel and asked you guys to ask me any and all questions you guys had about getting started into affiliate marketing how to do it how to use it and all that kind of stuff and in today’s video i’m walking you guys through the entire process and also before we get started today’s shout out goes to maria valentina thank you so much for being an active supportive member of my youtube family it means the world to me and now without further ado i hope you guys enjoy and let’s jump right into it

so a very good place to start what is affiliate marketing so let’s cut out all of the fancy schmancy terminology and put it very very simply affiliate marketing is where any type of content creator youtuber instagram or blogger any type of content creator has an affiliate link and or code from a brand or company of a product or brand they really really love they will then create some kind of content an instagram post instagram story youtube video blog post and mention the product service and or brand they love and they will plug their link and or code and then anytime one of their followers and or subscribers makes a purchase through their link or using their code the content creator is then paid a portion of that commission so for example if you’ve ever heard somebody like david dobrik say use my code david for 20 off your first purchase or you’ve seen somebody post on their instagram story saying something like got a lot of questions on this mirror so swipe up for the link what happens then is whenever somebody swipes up on that link or uses david’s code they’re going to be paid a portion of the profits from somebody buying that product through either their link and or code and that is basically

all there is to affiliate marketing so all these videos you’ve seen or things you’ve read where it makes it sound super complicated and over the top difficult and has like so much effort and work to be put in it’s literally not that difficult those are the bare bones of how affiliate marketing actually works so then how do you actually get started in affiliate marketing so there are three different ways you can actually get started with affiliate marketing the first one is to reach out to a brand you really love so if for example you are a cooking channel and there is a cooking product you love that makes your cooking life so much easier you can then email the brand let them know i’ve been using this product for let’s say two or so years and it has totally changed the game for my cooking i would love to mention this product

in a video on my channel would you be willing to provide me with an affiliate link and or code and nine times out of ten most brands will not say no to you because most brands now are aware of how powerful affiliate marketing is and saying no to you is basically turning down free revenue so that is one way to get started in affiliate marketing the second one is a tad easier which is to join one of your favorite brands affiliate programs so again there are not very many brands out there who are not aware of how powerful affiliate marketing is so a lot of them now have their own affiliate programs and they are actually quite easy to join so all you have to do is either go onto their website and look for a section labeled affiliates or simply go onto google and search up the brand name and affiliate marketing so tubebuddy affiliate marketing forever 21 affiliate marketing literally any brand out there you love and affiliate marketing usually that takes you directly to their page on their website where they have the application process for affiliate marketing then all

you have to do is usually just put in your name your email and answer a few questions like what is your channel about how many followers do you have how many monthly views do you get what are your audience demographics basically just so they can see if your audience aligns with their target audience and if you are a good fit to work with them then you’ll usually receive an email somewhere between a few days to a few weeks after you apply and once you are approved then you are in the affiliate program and there is absolutely no limit on how many programs you can actually join so if you join like five 10 even 20 different programs these are all different affiliate links and codes working all together at the same time to bring you as much revenue as you can possibly get and then the third option after joining a program is to join a network so things like magic links or shop style collective or amazon associates out of all of these potentially the most popular one is amazon associates because a lot of these other ones you can only really link things that are from their partners so some of these networks only have certain brands they work with whereas on amazon associates you can link literally anything on amazon so when you join an affiliate network it’s very similar to an affiliate program you basically

just go on to the network website you go through the application process and then if you do get approved then you have full-on access to the network so the three options you have to becoming an affiliate is to reach out to a brand join a brand’s affiliate program or join an affiliate network i don’t really think there’s one that’s better than the others i think it’s up to personal preference so now let’s say you’ve joined a program or a network how do you actually get to getting your own links and codes to promote on your platforms and how do you actually create content to plug your links and codes so as far as actually creating the content if you’re doing it on youtube you can do a haul or one of those must-haves videos or if you’re making like a cooking or baking tutorial you can very quickly mention this product that has been your holy grail lately and then link your product in the description box and mention in your video if any of you guys would like to check out this product i will have it linked down below that is what i did with my video on how to get views with tubebuddy i just said if you guys want to get tubebuddy i have a link in my description box and i got over like 12 000 customers in about three or four months that is how

i made the bulk of my revenue in that month so that is a pretty common way of actually getting your links and codes out there it is totally up to you and you have free creative licensing on whatever you want to do as we’re actually creating the codes if you have a program sort of like tubebuddy usually there is an affiliate dashboard where you have all of your links where you can basically just copy paste them into your different types of content or if you’re part of a network where you have a multitude of different links to different products and or services if for example you’re using amazon associates there is a section on the dashboard where you make a link so you literally find any product on amazon you want to talk about you then use that tool to create a link and you automatically have an affiliate link so anytime you give that link to somebody and they use it and make a purchase through that link you are paid the commission or the revenue off of that purchase but again as i said as far as actually making the content that is totally up to you and how you want to go about actually promoting the links and codes now another thing i want to talk about that very few people actually mention are legal disclaimers so i’ve seen loads of times where people in their videos will talk about their coupon code or their links or whatever but they don’t actually tell you that they are affiliate links and codes or that they’re actually going to be making money if you use their codes or links which is not about personal preference it’s actually illegal if you are plugging links and or codes and you’re making money off of these commissions it’s illegal to not be telling your audience that they are affiliate links which is why you see so many youtubers who have little like disclaimers at the bottom of their description where it says like some of these links may be affiliates if you use this code i will be making a portion of the profits or getting revenue from you using this link that’s not just them wanting to do that you legally have to do that so to avoid any issues with the companies or any legal troubles i definitely suggest you go into your upload default on youtube and set that little disclaimer at the bottom of your description so you never have to think about it again and face absolutely no issues on that front and then the last question i got asked about a lot is about actually getting paid so once you are part of an affiliate program or a network you sort of have a little like dashboard that kind of shows you how much money you’ve made on different sales or products and a lot of the time i get asked how do you actually get your money from the dashboard into your bank account so most programs and or networks have a payout date so for one of them i think my payout date is the first of the month and for another one it’s the last day of the month so depending on what your specific program and or network has decided for their own platform you will have a different payout date now as far as the actual payment method most programs and or networks actually use paypal so you will want to either have or create a paypal account if you don’t already have one and then when you go into your affiliate settings and either the programs or the networks there’s usually a payment settings section where you can link your paypal to be paid and then whenever the payout date comes around you will then be paid out on those days and the money goes directly into your paypal account now one thing you do have to be aware of where this is all concerned is that depending on the program and the network some of them actually have a threshold

so for one of the affiliates i have they have no threshold and for another one you have to make at least a hundred dollars in the month to get paid out so not every company not every brand or program actually has a threshold but you do want to be aware whether or not they do have one because if you have a month where you know you’ve made revenue but have not been paid you want to be aware of any existing thresholds and why you may or may not have gotten paid so that is one more thing to look into and be aware of but yeah you guys that is pretty much everything that is existing in my brain where affiliate and affiliate marketing is concerned if you guys have any more questions feel free to comment them down below and i am more than glad to answer them but that is everything i have for you in this video thank you guys so much for watching i love you all to the moon and back and i’ll see you in my next video bye

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