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hey everybody  uh tim from workshop 12 here um wanted  to create a video  and share a concept that we are  thinking about doing with our community  we get different requests from people  for sponsorship  for their vehicles we have other people  that have asked for things like group  buys and then we also have some  different  businesses that are looking to possibly  become uh  dealers uh with our organization so  we’ve been trying to think about how we  might be able to come up with something  interesting different unique uh in the  industry that we  might be able to offer our customers uh  uh our customers customers uh different  people to  um be able to kind of share and  participate  in uh what we’re doing

so  um something that we wanted to kind of  put out there and get feedback from  everybody on  is whether or not um this concept of an  affiliate program that we’re thinking  about would  uh make sense so all the details are in  a link  um in the description of this video here  on youtube  um and it’ll give you a little bit more  kind of the ins and outs of what we’re  thinking about  um but essentially we’re thinking about  doing an affiliate program which allows  um people to basically  make a little extra cash  or getting discounts based off of  how they promote and possibly onward  seller products the concept behind this  is that if you’re an existing customer  you’ve purchased one of our kits  you’re eligible to be able to get your  own personalized  discount code and anybody that is going  to use that discount code  would get uh five percent off of their  initial order um now  you might think okay great well i bought  the kit and i’m giving somebody else a  discount code what does that really do  for me  what we’re thinking about is people that  are part of this affiliate program  is that if there is enough people that  use your discount code  you will end up getting a percentage of  the sales that came  through your discount code right

so uh  it’s kind of flipping the script a  little bit on sponsorships right where  most sponsorship proposals are i’ve got  a fantastic car  i’ve got a great following you know you  will drive more business by sponsoring  me  we’re we’re more of a okay cool  why don’t you purchase one of our  products and if you are  able to spread the word through your own  personalized affiliate discount code  then you can make the total value of  your kit back  in cash and make a little bit more money  if you wanted to as well  so let me run through some different  scenarios right

so  we’re looking at this concept of being  able to do  kind of thresholds so let’s say  somebody was using my discount code uh  to purchase products  if i uh managed in a month to be able to  sell five hundred dollars worth of sales  then i’m going to earn say 10 uh of all  of those sales gets paid back to me  if i make more if someone uses my code  on more than  eighteen hundred dollars worth of sales  then i would get  fifteen percent of all those total sales  paid back to me  uh or if i made more than thirty eight  hundred 800 worth  of sales in that month i would get 20 of  all those total sales  paid back to me um so the idea is  allowing  our existing customers to participate  and be part of our community  uh be part of uh possibly earning some  commissions  uh uh from promoting our products um  and so it kind of works in in a few  different scenarios right

so  um say you wanted to do a group buy  while great somebody purchases one of  the kits  you put together enough orders to hit  one of those different thresholds using  your affiliate code and then you get  that amount of percentage off of your  order because you’re going to get that  back on commissions  during that month so like i said the  details of this and kind of what we’re  thinking about is  a little bit novel and different than  what i’ve typically seen out there  in the industry excuse me but i think  our goal here is really  around just that building the community  of of participation  and having people who are taking part of  spreading the word and taking part of  building out the community  being able to reap some rewards from  being part of that  um you know same thing goes from a  dealer perspective if a dealer is  looking to stock inventory great make a  certain amount of uh purchases through  that month and whatever you make on that  purchase for those thresholds you’ll get  back as a discount on your own personal  sales

so  that might look a little bit more like a  rebate program for  for dealers that are part of that  but this is something as we keep hearing  of different people regionally you know  maybe shipping is a barrier or trying to  get parts in through customs is a  barrier and there’s people in those  different countries that might want to  take on a role of being able to bring in  and and forward on those products but  obviously for putting in that work and  and legwork you know they’re wanting to  be able to find a way to be able to make  either some commissions or markup or  that kind of stuff off of the products

so  that’s kind of what we’re thinking right  we’re we’re thinking about how can we  build  something where everybody participates  everybody can take uh  um you know a little bit of of of profit  a little bit of commissions  something for being able to spread the  word spread uh you know the popularity  of our our products uh and really um

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