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NEW $10K/Month Affiliate Marketing Method That’s NOT Clickbank! (Blueprint For Beginners)

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is it possible to make  money online well in this article i’m  going to explain to you exactly  how one of my friends is making 10 000  or more  every month by promoting products he  doesn’t even  touch now we haven’t talked about this  on this website before and i’m going to  show you exactly how this works in this  little tutorial  and show you where he finds these  products and how he actually promotes  them  to make the money

so let’s jump into my  computer and i’m going to show you  exactly how you can  make money online by promoting products  you never even  touch all right guys so let’s jump into  this training now before we do that  every single week i bring out articles on  how to make money online  so make sure you subscribe you smash  that like button  and tap that notification bell so you  know my next article comes out so this is  a training on how my buddy is making  over ten thousand dollars  per month okay a friend of mine has  explained to me how he does it  now this particular method is new to my  website it has been around for some time  but it’s new to this website and i’ve  never talked about this on this website  before now i’m not going to be talking  about clickbank we’ve done quite a few  articles on that lately so let me talk  about something that we’ve never had on  this website before and it’s not  clickbank

so make sure you stay tuned  because you don’t want to miss this one  now once again  i’m gonna announce the two winners on  the screen right now from the last article  if you don’t know what this is  what you need to do is find the emoji in  this article and then comment below  emoji plus cash or emoji plus course  and smash that like button and i might  pick you for the next  article essentially you could win some  cash or access to one of my courses  if you find that emoji and you comment  it below so let’s get into this article  and i’ll show you exactly how my buddy  is making over ten thousand dollars a  month  online with this strategy all right guys  the first step you need to actually do  in this method is you need to go to a  website called  offervault

so this is  and it’s kind of like an affiliate  network aggregator so it shows you all  the best  affiliate products for this method and  the best networks that you can sign up  to  to find these products on so let’s just  do a quick little tutorial on how this  works  you can go into the search bar and you  can find products  to promote so essentially you would  actually have to know the name of the  product and a lot of you guys wouldn’t  know that but you can actually um choose  specific networks you can choose  specific  categories like as seen on tv apparel  fashion business opportunities uh diet  and weight loss  display downloads email and all sorts of  stuff now i’m not going to show you the  best  product to promote because i don’t know  there’s lots of products and you have to  actually test them  but i will show you some examples of  some good products now if we go down  here there’s lots of um products  you can find to promote now you want to  look for ones that have been updated  recently  and then under network these are the  networks that you would sign  up to to promote the specific product  and then we have the category over here  and then we have cpa  sale or lead now cpa stands for cost per  action or some people call it cost per  acquisition  you essentially get paid for an action  that happens  but what i’ve done for this article is  i’ve found a few products that i  would recommend that i know my friend  has promoted  and then actually all you do is if you  want to see what network it is just  right click on the network  and it will open up the network and this  is where you would actually  sign up to promote a specific product  there’s actually

so many networks out  there it’s insane  so to stop you getting overwhelmed i’ve  found this product here this is kind of  like a led  emergency light bulb now they give you a  little bit of information here you get  twenty dollars  per lead now a lead to these guys you  need to read it carefully  because um i found it before  but a lead to them is a credit card  transaction  okay um it doesn’t say it here anymore  but it’s a credit card transaction okay  so essentially  if someone purchases this product and  it’s a verified purchase  you’re gonna get twenty four dollars  okay now the best part about this guys  is  you’re not just promoting courses or  anything like that you can actually  promote  physical products this is actually a  physical  e-commerce product that you can promote  and you will get a commission so you  don’t have to worry about inventory  you don’t have to worry about having a  website you don’t have to worry about  anything you can literally go and  promote a  physical product so all the information  is here  okay they give you a few rules yeah

so  offer converts on a purchase with a  verified  credit card so any purchase you will get  paid and all you do if you want to  promote this  specific product you just go down to  join network and it’s going to  open up a network and you can sign up to  promote this product it’s really really  cool  just put in your information and they  will probably have an approval  process now we’re going to use this kind  of like just as an example in this article  but here’s another one here  so this is a dyson giveaway offer  for this particular um dyson thing now  this is a little bit different because  they give you two dollars  and seventy two dollars and seventy two  cents now the reason it’s a lot lower is  because  i think they actually give you um  two dollars for every verified email  that you send them

so it’s not a purchase it’s every  verified email because this is a  competition  that they’re running here is another one  which is called the grasshopper group  and this is a business  opportunity you can promote for seventy  five dollars  and release water say commissions and if  we go down here  the user flow conversion converts on a  valid credit card  submit and then once again you join the  network now here’s an example of this  one  so essentially you could promote this  particular product i’m not really sure  what it is  it’s some sort of application now how do  you get the link you simply just go to  join network  once you join the network you will get  the affiliate  link that you can then promote now  here’s an example of  one of the networks that i’m actually  signed up to and i do promote  products but i don’t make as much as my  friend doing this  if we go

so this is called and i promote  health products and all sorts of things  from here if i go down for example to  teeth whitening  what’s going to happen is if i so you  you can get 45  per action um this one is cps so per  sale  per action per sale so that’s actually a  percentage instead of a  set price but if i go to cpa here it’s  going to take me to a page  where i’m going to get an affiliate link  so this market this market health is  actually  is one of these networks okay  remember that offer vault is just an  aggregator they just bring on all the  products you have to sign up to the  actual network  so if we take this link right this is my  actual affiliate link this is where i  would be sending traffic to  this is what happens when people click  that link they get taken  to the page to buy the product and  if they buy the product i get paid in  this instance  um let me have a look 45  per action and here is another one which  is water damage flood damage  so something like this you could promote  in  google or something like that with  keywords related to that  and you get 200 per lead

so you get paid 200 per call and they  would obviously probably have to make a  purchase  okay and then there’s some um some  restrictions  so i think i’ve gone over what this  thing is and  kind of enough to help you understand  this is a platform  where you can find products to promote  to make money now will be up to you to  find the best products for you  specifically  but i would probably look at promoting a  physical product first  the reason is you have so many  advertising  options so first of all because you are  gonna have to go and do paid traffic and  stuff if you want you can do free  traffic and youtube and stuff like that  but it’s going to take you quite a long  time to make some good  money my friend is not making 10 grand a  month from free  traffic now you can actually go to  traffic sources here in this tab here  and you’re going to get multiple traffic  sources that you can use  now these are specifically designed for  these types of  offers okay these are really really good  for these types of offers and if you  actually go to these websites  it’ll explain to you exactly what they  are  and essentially these are advertising  networks we can promote these products

so if we go down here they’ve had over  50  000 successful campaigns 100 000 leads  last month  and you can just sign up essentially you  go to you go to registration  and you sign up as an advertiser okay  now we can go to this one here this is  another one you simply go to sign up  and you want to advertise okay these are  networks that are specifically  tailored for these offers once you sign  up they’ll have tutorials on how to  create landing pages and how to send  traffic  to those links that you get from signing  up to these  uh to these offers and these networks  okay  so essentially what you’re doing is  you’re going to be using  these traffic networks to send to your  custom  affiliate link unlike this one here as  well  but you can actually use stuff like  google as well  now what do i mean by that this product  for example would be really good for  google

so you send people to your to  your custom link and you send them  to the bulb page right you can actually  run  google ads like this one for example led  bulb  when someone searches that specific  search term you can do google shopping  ads like this or  you could actually go and do a little ad  like this which might be  a little bit better because you don’t  have to use images or articles or anything  like that  but that’s how you can go and get  traffic to these  offers it’s really quite simple to do  and you can also  use facebook advertising as well to send  to your custom link  sent to the offer now this offer it’s an  e-commerce product a physical product  and you get 24 when someone purchases  now you need to line up the traffic with  the product  this e-commerce product is not really  going to probably work very good with  these ones  it’s probably going to work better with  google and facebook  traffic because these specific ad  networks the ones that i showed you  um over here let me just find them these  specific ad networks are really tailored  for things like  leads and business opportunities and all  that type of stuff

so you  find a product to promote i would  recommend probably an e-commerce  physical product if you’re a beginner  you find some traffic by going to  traffic sources  or using facebook and google and you  send traffic to the affiliate link that  you get after signing up to one of these  networks now if you want some more  training on actual general affiliate  marketing you can check out my course  that takes you through step by step  how to start your own affiliate  marketing business from scratch  we take you through everything we take  you through um  finding the products creating a website  email list funnel  clickbank amazon search engine  optimization  click bank we give you all the funnels  you need we give you all the emails you  need we give you done for you  basically businesses that you can go and  start online today  with this training

so check this out  there will be a link in the description  it will take you through everything you  need to know  to start your own affiliate marketing  business online  from scratch now if you want some more  free training there’s some articles up on  the screen that will take you through  step by step on how to start your own  affiliate marketing  business and this is completely free for  you to watch don’t forget to subscribe  tap that notification bell smash that  like button comment below  if you have any questions and i’ll see  on the article on the right

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