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hello everybody this is catherine bernardo not scaffolding bernardo number eyeglasses um you know businesses on the side in preparation for the taping of a love of my life the helmet is love of my life very soon but in today’s episode i will be showing you guys uh an overview um online business uh i’m sure  [Laughter] i saw an opportunity that was presented to me by someone i know uh who happens to own a reputable brand puja so pinas online business bilanga not only to keep myself busy but basically or you know other ways to make money these days due to the quarantine yeah

so this episode this episode is just going to be short i promise um basically teacher teacher here basically business called the clean freak ph i launched it just last year uh last july rather july 2020 um september in the punggyong so you can just follow the clean freak ph on instagram nandu naman pulahat all the products i sell the brands that i carry how to order how to pay how we ship or deliver i say we but really it’s just a one woman show a hula why don’t you comment below sharing your stuff in your online business you know i would be glad to support and help too long during the quarantine so yes to local brands yes to online businesses let’s go guys hey guys the clean free page basically in the morning after i wake up and do everything i need to do like um you know check my house check packages feed the dogs help clean atmo i sometimes drink my coffee first or i take time outside to pray to count my blessings caused my blessing sorry blurry so you know sometimes i take time long outside fresh air and punting sun and then i check my messages already so the clean freaks speaking of nasa cell phone on the clean freak page but anyway uh it’s an online business it’s uh basically home base so this is my uh my box of items on weekly planner detail

so monday to sunday nakalakayama dates for important notes i have a calculator of course a ball pen and then i have a notepad kusan details now acting buyers and then i have sticky notes and then inside i keep a record of my map past  so i carry two brands uv care and 59s uh uv care is a local brand lancodietosa filipinas and 59s is a brand from the states so you’re nothing for my online business so records purchases so that’s what i do and then to show you guys but um basically i have one big box one big box of the products i sell and little shop i have 59s products i have bubble wrap plastic so basically orders and then i proceed with shipping out the order of the buyer already    anna is already here and that’s my personal assistant and um anita didn’t see our neil and personal assistant  but yeah  janamanciana so yeah i have clips to show to you guys from response to my clients and buyers through viber or through instagram bm most of them and most of my buyers are uh see my posts are in a personal social media

so nah you know they they find out about my business about my products through my social media melon among through other people um again two months two months online  uh so of course i completely understand and then from time to time uh tip for all of you guys online business um always post always be visual always remind your clients and your buyers basically the public or the market now your online business is there that your products are there number orders i’m a hard other than that sales has been good means but uh the first two months have been okay uh the first month was very good second    nankanilan online business during quarantine my regular clients and buyers now capitalize  clients and buyers about our products we always have to believe in our products yes  youtube website    like the calculator stapler packaging tape   i am able to start an online business with the things or objects that

i already have at home are of course the products themselves  from the warehouse from uv care mismo and 59s philippines pumismo and my certain amount casino as an investment to be a seller of those brands and then aside from that you know having cell phone for my cell phone uh it’s just a regular iphone 6 the second hand    orders um that’s how i keep in touch with my clients and buyers and thank you very much to all my clients and buyers all the followers of the clean freak ph i have a little over 500 already for supporting my online business  and i wish all your online businesses the best also so that’s it guys thank you so much for watching this episode please subscribe to my youtube website carla billiana follow me on instagram carla angeline comment below hit the notification button at la latina i promise to do my best and upload fresh content on a regular basis so thanks again guys for everything hugs and kisses  you

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