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today we will talk about setting up your  business around service  and not the physical product service  could be an  app an online course or anything that’s  not tangible  the reason i suggest starting with this  service is because of the low margins  low startup costs and scalability of  your business  basically when you have a service your  service doesn’t need to be manufactured  it doesn’t need to be shipped and it  doesn’t need to be  stored in the warehouse you might have  to spend some  time developing and getting together  your service product  but once you have your service up it  doesn’t cost you a penny to produce  and to scale it up and to keep it you  don’t need a warehouse  the next step is finding new customers  and marketing your service  my advice is to start developing your  service during your spare time  please don’t quit your job don’t quit  your school if you’re still  studying it takes time to create your  product or your service for example when  i was setting up my own online shop i  used to work during the lunch break  also because instead of riding a drive  driving a car to work i used to take a  train  and the reason i would take a train was  because i could do some  extra work while i was on the train with  my laptop so optimize your time  see if you can get

some work done in the  morning during your lunch break and in  the evening after work  let’s move on to some profitable ideas  that you can use to start your own  business  first of all the business you are about  to start  needs to be something that you enjoy a  lot  you like doing on a daily basis and  you’re passionate about  i’m sure you’ve heard a lot of youtubers  talking about quitting your nine-to-five  job and starting your own business and  living your life traveling  having fun doing lots of fun stuff  although it is possible with passive  income by the way if you want to know  more about passive income  please check my other article up here  click on the link and  i’ll show you how to create pisces  income so you can actually travel  and you can have that life where you do  not have to work  this article is about actually setting up  your business and getting some work done  the reality is if you are a business  owner you  get to work more than nine to five every  single day at least for the first six  months  up to one year you get to you get to put  some hours  in so the truth is everybody can start  his or her own business  starting is not difficult all you have  to do is spend a day or two setting up  your own website and creating a nice  beautiful page  learning a bit of photoshop learning a  bit of html code  how to design and create beautiful  images and then you sit down and you  wait for customers to find your  beautiful new service  this is not how it works when i hear  people saying that they want to set up  their own website  or they want to write the book or they  want to launch a product  i just want to love because setting up a  website  will not get you anywhere it’s just

the  first step of starting your own  your very own business once you set up  your website you need to promote your  website  and you need to put a lot more work  promoting your website and mark’s new  product will probably consume all of  your time and you will have to make some  sacrifices  if you ask any successful entrepreneur  they will tell you that they had to  compromise their social life  their family life their free time their  tv time their everything for the pers  for the at least for the first six  months uh to leave the business up from  the ground and to build a customer base  or a fan base that’s why building your  own business  around your hobby or around something  that you  really enjoy doing something that you  can  see yourself doing every single day  something that suits your character well  something that suits your knowledge is  the most  important factor in choosing your future  business  the best way to find a business idea  that’s unique to you  and your set of skills your knowledge  is guess what to ask your friends and  your family to come up with a list of 10  things  you do best this method works for  everybody  it worked

so well for all my friends it  worked so well during coaching sessions  you will be surprised to find some new  strengths  and some additional information about  yourself something that you don’t even  know about yourself you’re not aware  and everybody is unique of course we’re  all different so we will all have a  different set of skills  and this is your foundation something  you can build your business on  if you don’t have many friends or if you  don’t have a family then you can come up  with  a list of 10 things you’re good at  the next step would be to choose your  number one set of skills that you will  use to set up your own business  so what do you need to take into account  is the following  number one your target audience  let’s say you like pets and you like

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