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Make Money Online For FREE Watching Videos (2020 Works Worldwide)

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what’s going on guys welcome back toanother video in today’s video i’m goingto show you how to makemoney online by doing something that youprobably doevery single day and that’s watchingvideos onlineyes you can get paid to watch videosonlinenow a lot of my current subscribers havebeen saying to me franklin we want newmethods to this channelwe want methods that don’t have anythingto do with affiliate marketing and wewant methods that are simple to do anddon’t take a long timeto make money that’s exactly what i’mbringing you todayin this video if you’re new to mychannel i bring out videos everysingle week on how to make money so makesure you hit that subscribe buttonand tap that notification bell

so youknow my next video comes outand smash that like button so morepeople get to see thiscontent now i’m gonna be showing you howyou can make money by watching videosit’s a very simple methodbut before we do that we need toactually announce the winner from thelastvideo i’m gonna be doing that right nowin the comment generator and i’ll picksomeone after this video and i’ll putthem upon the screen so this person has oneaccess to one of my courses now if youwant to know how to get into thisall you’ve got to do is look for theemoji somewhere in this videoand then comment down below the emojisymbol and then pluscash or course and you can win some cashor you can winaccess to one of my courses depending onwhat youchoose

so make sure you comment thatbelow and i’ll choose the next winnerin the next video i’m going to give awayeither 100 or access to one of mycourses and the reason we’re doing thisis to help people out who are trying tomake money online so make sure you lookout for that emoji it’s not going to bea smiley face like last time and thencomment below when you find it plus whatyou wantso in this video guys i’m going to betaking you through step by step exactlyhow you can do this and what we’re goingto be doing is using a websitewhere people basically exchangeengagement and you can get creditsfor doing this and then you can actuallytake those credits and you can exchangethem into money i’ll show you exactlyhow you can do that now you can actuallymake money by watching youtube videoslike i’m going to show youin this video you can do other thingsand you can make money from doing liketick tock stuff snapchat stufffacebook stuff instagram stuff there’slots of ways you can actuallymake money from this website so youdon’t actually have to just watchvideos in fact you can even like videosand you can get paidto like videos so it’s a really good wayto make money onlineif you follow this training

all the wayto the end and make sure you don’tmiss any of this guys because i take youthrough step by stepeverything you need to know to make thiswork and yes this is completely freethis works anywhere in the world solet’s jump into my computer and i’mgoing to show you exactly how to do thisand remember to lookfor that emoji somewhere in this videoand once you’ve found it let me knowbelow alright guys let me show exactlyhow this is done and this is a reallycool way and it’s one of the coolestways i’ve seen for a whilewhere you can go to make a little bit ofmoney online so let’s get into this andi’ll show you exactlywhat you need to do so the first step isyou need to head over to a once you’re on thatwebsite clicktry for free now and it’s going to askyou to registera free account this is completely freeall you need to do is put in your emailpassword and your password again do thecapture and then click signup and they’re going to send you anemail and you simply click that email toactivate your account now once you havethat account you’re going to come to apage that looks like this and there’sgoing to be a lot of information on itbut you really don’t need to worry aboutany of thatbecause you only need to do a couple ofsimple things to start collecting thepoints so you can makemoney what you want to do is you want toscroll down there’s actually a lot ofthings you can do for pointsso you might actually want to check outa few of these other things that mightbe easierfor you to do like i actually tried outthe facebook likes one and i found thateasier and i found that i gotmore points but essentially what you’redoing is you’re exchangingsocial engagement on this platform andpeople will give you points to do tasksfor them

so you want to go down toyoutube views we’ll use that as anexample in this videoand click on youtube views it’s going tobring up a pagelike this now it’s either going to say50 secondsor 30 seconds i keep getting 50 secondones i 150 second one sorry and what ido is i just click view videoand i literally watch this video for 150secondsum this video right here and all i needto do is literally watch this video andyou can see it’s actually counting down15 16 or counting up 17 18and we’re going to watch this all theway to 150 and then we’re going to showyou what happensonce i watch this video and see how itsays 248points here well i’ll come back whenit’s nearly finished and i’ll show youexactlywhat happens once we get to that 150secondsall right guys so we’ve got 10 secondsleft i don’t even know what this videois it’s just a random video on youtubeofa picture um he probably maybe has anaffiliate link or something noi’m not sure but see what happens 150and what i need to do now is quit out ofthis and i need to do these picturesand submitand let’s see what i’ve made so now it’s288 i come in what it was before it wasoneuh some it was 248 so now it’s 288 andthen all i’ve got to dois click this again and watch anothervideo for what another 150 secondsall you do is click view video but youdon’t care about that okay you know howto watch the videos nowhow do you actually go and make themoney with thisnow the problem with this website isactually quite a lot of websites that dothismost of them will let you exchange thepoints for money butin this case we need to do things alittle bit differently and it’s realsimple to do

so let me show you exactlyhowto do it what you want to do now is onceyou’ve accumulated points i wouldrecommend maybe around about a thousandpoints or 500points is yeah and basically you justclick points just by watching the videosand doing other thingslet’s go to this website here calledplayerup.comthis is called and what youcan do is you can sign up to get a freeaccountonce you’ve signed up to get the freeaccount you want to scroll down this ishow you make your moneyyou want to scroll all the way down towhere it saysum all other games and marketplaces thisis essentially a forum or a messageboard where people trade things and sellthings and there’s lots of there’s lotsof other boards like thisthis isn’t the only one there’s actuallya lot of them that you can go and useso click on others and other things andthen go toif go down to facebook okay which isright hereand it’s actually going to bring you toa page that looks like thisand what we can actually do is we can goand um sellfacebook likes and use that otherplatform to do that solet me show you exactly what i mean asan example we’re going to take this oneas an example so this person is selling200 facebook likes for 20 dollarsokay you might be thinking why are we onthis this is about making money watchingvideoslet me explain to you how this works andhow you can make money so what you canactually do on this add me fastis you can basically start a gigselling facebook likes okay so let’s sayfor example we’re going to go and sell200 facebook page likes on thisparticular website for 200now keep in mind that there’s actuallypeople doing way more

so peopleuh we’ve got 200 facebook likes for 200we’ve got um 50 dollars we’ve got 90dollarswe’ve got all sorts of another 50 herewe’ve got all sortsof numbers um that we can that peopleare selling these for we’re going tostick to the 30one so all you would do is you would goand list your services here you go backto add me fast and then when someonegives you their facebook page url andyou make a saleyou go to add site and page and you gofacebook likes and you can pickworldwide or selected countries and youjust do a title it doesn’t really matterwhat the title isthat’s just for your for your referencebut you put in the page url hereand you go total clicks 200and then what you can actually do isyou’re gonna give creditto every single person that clicks sowe’ll say five credits okayand then basically what’s going tohappen is where is peopleare going to go to the facebook likesthing and they’re going to actually likethe pageand you’re going to actually pay themyour creditsokay

so you’re going to give them yourcredits but this person over herewhen you actually create this servicewhen they buy that for twenty dollarsthen you’re going to get paidso you’re selling facebook likes on thiswebsiteand you can give them facebook likes byusing your creditsin exchange for those facebook likes ifthatmakes sense now let me show you somemath to help you understand howprofitable this could be for youso um 150 seconds is two minutesokay i two two and a half minutes now 24videos watchedin uh per hour so that’s 960 points soyou’re going to make 960 points perhour and there’s also 30 second ones anddifferent ones as well so it’s notalways going to be the sameand for the facebook section let’s sayyou sell someone 200 likesand you give people five points per likeyou’re gonna be using a thousand pointsso you’re gonna make twenty dollars perthousand points that you earnon this website right here if you earnum a thousand points if i get this up toa thousand pointsi could go and list my services onthis website and sell 200 facebook likesfor 20 and that’s how i would make mymoney backby using this website alright guysthat’s a nice little way to make somemoney online nowby no means is this going to get yourich okay you might make like a few like200a day maybe a hundred dollars

maybe 20bucks per day i’m not sure how muchyou’re gonna makebut this will not make you a lot ofmoney however if you are looking forsome ways to make moremoney i actually just released an updateto one of my courses called severalaffiliates that takes you through stepby step on how to start your ownaffiliate marketing businesswhich is one of the best ways to makemoney online and i actually leave a linkto that in the descriptionand you can go and check it out and youcan see if this method is right for youand i take you through exactly how tostart your own affiliate marketingbusiness however if you’re notinterested in that because i know that alot of people don’t even want to getinto courses that’s finei’ll actually leave a playlist up on thescreen that’s completely free for you towatchand that will take you through the bestvideos on the best methods onlineand how to make money now don’t forgetto subscribe tap that notification bellleave that comment below for yourcompetition for your entryand smash that like button and i’ll seeyou on the next article . Aa 5 //

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