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yes I said it for absolutely free and nothis is not Amazon FBA this is not dropshipping this is not social mediamarketing this is a new method ofgenerating cash online all you have todo is go to WWE and hit the subscribebutton down below this video and clickthat little notification bell next to itso I can alert you on the latest ways ofmaking money online but check thispayment out right over here as you cansee this was sent directly to my PayPalaccount for absolutely free now resultsare not typical you may earn more thanthis the same or a little bit less but Ican tell you one thing if you don’tfollow the exact steps in this videothen results like this will not bepossible for you so make sure to stickall the way through this video and donot skip over any steps now the threesteps to making $275 today for free arenumber one I’m going to be unveiling anew method

to extract cash from theinternet okay number two I’m gonna berevealing the quickest way to receiveyour earnings and in number three I’mgonna be showing you my $15,000 permonth cash generating system as a bonustowards the end so make sure to stickall the way through so you can see thatbonus now the first tool we are going tobe using okay this is going to be a toolthat you will be needing in order togenerate the cash but this is not thesite that’s gonna pay you so make sureto stick through this video now thisfirst tool is called free PLR downloadsdot-com free PLR downloads calm and whatthis site is is basically it’s a sitewhere you can get ebooks for free youcould download them you can reuse themyou can resell them okay you basicallyhave the white label rights to it soit’s not copyright you’re not stealingyou’re not doing anything bad these aretotally free for you to use and to sellokay and the valuable ebooks but they’reabsolutely free nowshow you three different niches ofe-books that you’re going to be puttingon another site and they’re going to besold to people people are going to bepaying

you cash for these ebooks okay soI’m gonna show you exactly which ebooksto choose and which ones are gettingthousands of searches okay on theinternet and people are actually buyingthese ebooks so I’m gonna show youexactly where to go okay so first wehave to get our ebook on this site andthen we’re gonna have to go on to thenext site where we need to make ourebook cover okay so the first threeniches all right there’s three nichesthat are particularly you knowprofitable and people are searching themost for okay the first one is financealright finance and you could clickright here and these ones pop-up okay sothere’s like gaming finances win theforeclosure battle financial abundancestrategy you know debt consolidationstrategies I think the most popular onethat’s going to be selling right nowokay is recession race for riches allright because we are currently in arecession right there are people losingjobs millions of people without jobs youknow and people are trying to brace forwhat’s gonna happen next and they needinformation on what to do they’researching on the internet like what todo in a recession or how should I savemoney in a recession you know and thisbook is gonna provide

people with theinformation on how to take advantage ofa recession gold rush to get rich okayso this is gonna be the one we’re gonnadownload for this particular niche nowif you want to do a different the othertwo niches I’m gonna show you which onesare good okay so the next popular nicheshealth now in health as you can seethere’s ones that are like simplify andde-stress healthy happy you eatinghealthy coping with hair loss that’s aninteresting one belly fat free you knowthese are other popular niches wherepeople are trying to you know increasetheir health or trying to get betterthey’re trying to you know maybe losesome weight especially after being inquarantine for the past four monthsright so this is also going to be apopular niche I would definitely go withthis belly fat free one and you knowthis one is really goodfor stay-at-home moms ok so now the lastniche that is going to be popular isrelationship advice ok so this isanother one where people are searchingyou know how to get a girlfriend how toget a boyfriend this and that you knowthey’re trying to get information onthat sort of stuff to increase theirrelationships increase their dating lifeso this is definitely going to be youknow another popular niche if you wantto get into this one as you see so youwant to break up perfect first datedefeating to force friend fundamentalscyber love you know all that kind ofstuff so if you want to get into thatniche then you could do that as well butwhat we’re gonna stick with is financeok that’s what I know best and I knowthat this book right here is gonna dovery well so we’re gonna go ahead and dothis recession race for riches ok wecould even take that title now we need acover ok so before


we go to the sitethat’s we’re actually going to post thiswe’re gonna download or upload this bookon to we have to get a cover ok we wantto make a different cover for this somake it unique to us and what we’regonna do is go to canva.comthis is a free tool where you can createan ebook cover and we’re gonna searchebook cover right here and boom as youcan see there’s already pre-madetemplates for our ebook okay soliterally you could choose from any ofthese I actually like this one thisorange one stands out let’s just goahead and click on that one and see whatcomes up boom okay so this pops up wecould download this one for free and wecould even change the name okay so Iwill change the name to let’s go back tothe book to see what it was titledrecession race for riches okay so we’regonna do that alright so we’re gonna putin recession race for riches okay andthat looks really good it already haslike kind of has to do with finance andstuff has little money symbols righthere growing out of a little pot so thisis great and this is what we’re gonna doso we’re gonna press download

we’regonna download that and we’re going touploadthat as the cover on the next websiteokay so let’s go ahead and go over tothe website where we’re actually gonnaupload our book our free book that wedownloaded off free PL our downloadsokay and we’re gonna upload and we’regonna sell this book it’s gonna get manysales and I’m going to show you how todo it okay so this site is called Kindledirect publishing okay KDP amazon.comnow this is exactly where we’re gonnaupload ebooks for free and reachmillions of readers as you can see righthere millions of readers are on Amazonthey’re buying ebooks or buying booksthrough Kindle and this is one of thefastest ways to get your e-book sold nowwe didn’t do any work we didn’t write ane-book we just downloaded it right wedidn’t draw out the e-book cover we justgenerated it on canva.comokay so no work required and now we areuploading our book that we just got forfree up to Kindle where millions ofpeople are purchasing on Amazon okay sothis is great it says get to market fastpublishing takes us in five minutes inyour book appears on Kindle storesworldwide okay within 24 to 48 hoursmake more money earn up to 70 percentroyalty on sales to customers in the USCanada UK Germany India and these othercountries okay

so you get to keepcontrol of the rights and set your ownprices you could price it at whateveryou’d likealright publishing digital and print andget started today okay so what you’regonna do you’re gonna sign up with yourAmazon account totally free and thenyou’re gonna upload your book in thereand also upload your ebook cover so thatshows up as the cover now if we go onKindle on right you can seethat these books are getting sold by thethousands okay we can go down here andyou can see like this one right here iseleven thousand seven hundred reviewsokay that’s just people that actuallytook the time out of their day to reviewthe book on Amazon now how many of theseactually sold probably millions ofcopies okay so this is pretty crazy likea 5800 reviews on this one like do themath there okay theif this book costs ten bucks times let’sjust say you know at best you know therewas maybe a hundred thousand people thatbought itdo the math ten times a hundred thousandright that is a lot of money generatedfrom a simple book okay

so you can seethat books are being sold here on Amazonnow this is a great way to get startedwith making money online you coulddefinitely make a little bit of moneyonline doing this but if you want tomake even more money right if you wantto generate over a thousand dollars aday on autopilot like I am then clickthe first link down below this videothat’s gonna give you access to mymentor who showed me how to go from thisguy right here handing out milkshakesand burgers for minimum wage all rightin fact he’s helped thousands of peoplefrom all over the world this is himright here these are just some of hisstudents right here and are making sixfigures some of them even seven figuresonline right these are all people youknow with different backgrounds startingfrom nothing and generating money onlinenow maybe quitting their nine-to-fivejobs and these are just some of thepeople ok so again he showed me how togo from

this guy to earning multiple sixfigures in my first year of business infact in the last thirty days this isjust one of many of my businesses last30 days over fifteen thousand dollarsgenerated in just yesterday over twothousand four hundred dollars generatedokay now the reason why I built thisonline business okay that generatesmoney passively is so that I canactually provide for my family right sothat I accurate I could actually do thethings that I enjoy in life like thisright here was my very first vacation Itreated my wife too and you know westayed at one of the most expensivehotels here in Maui and you know beforethis frankly we didn’t have enough timeor money to be able to do something likethis I had a bunch of credit card debtand I was working a job I didn’t likeokay you know and it was really amazingto be able to do something like this infact when we came back I even bought mydream car alright this was the childhooddream and never thought would bepossible okay like this car you know Ithought was way too expensive I wouldnever be able to afford it but you knowonce I built that online income yeah I was able to purchase thiscar responsibly now maybe you have achildhood dream maybe it’s to retireyour parents or take care of your kidsor just have you know maybe treatyourself to something nice alright ifthat’s something that you want thenclick the first link down below thisvideo and again that’s gonna give youaccess to my mentor who showed meexactly how to do it okay now I’m gonnalink to more videos right here onadditional ways of making money onlineyou could click one of those and I’llsee you in the next one take care . Aa 3 ///

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