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Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcome to my home-based story where we always share new articles regarding work from home and earn from home apps. So if you’re new to our  website, please consider subscribing. We all know that ever since the pandemic started, the online selling boomed. Because, of course, we can’t go out of our homes it’s much better to have the goods and services delivered to our house because it’s safer. I want to show you how to earn or how to capitalize and take advantage of this online selling boom since the digital buyers will increase by next year. So one way is through dropshipping. So what is dropshipping? In a classic setting, if you were to set up a shop, you’d get your products from a supplier, you’d put them in your shop, and your buyers can shop in your shop. Am I right?

For dropshipping, it’s a little bit different. Wherein your shop is mainly used for marketing to show the buyers what they can purchase. The supplier will be the one to ship up the goods directly to the buyer. You don’t need a warehouse, you don’t need a physical store to stock up on the goods. You only need to show the buyer the products you’re selling. The supplier will be the one shipping the products to them. Of course, the supplier sells the goods at a lower price. You’ll mark them up a little. The difference in the price is your profit. Of course, the more goods and the more products that you can sell, then the more profit for you.

I would like to make this article for those who are new to the idea of dropshipping. We’ll make everything simple. But we’re gonna cover as much as possible including what are the requirements in setting up a shop, how to start setting up a shop, getting your first order, how much can you earn in a shop, I’ll show you a live store and we’ll also show how much they earned in just one week. Of course, the last ones are the pros and cons. Is dropshipping for you? We’ll cover all that so stay with me until the end of our article. Okay, so let’s start with the basics. AliExpress. When you do dropshipping, you need to have an AliExpress account. AliExpress is an app just like Lazada. They’re based in China, where all their goods are manufactured. It’s really cheap, especially if you’ll do wholesale or bulk shopping. AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba. They are providers of the products that are being dropshipped worldwide.

So your customers could be anywhere from the world. There are advantages on AliExpress compared to other platforms where you can buy products. First of all with AliExpress, you can use their products’ images, the articles, the reviews, the description and put that on your website. So you won’t need to think about what description to use or what photos because everything is there. You’ll just copy it on your website and from there you can sell it and mark it up. Second, there are a lot of wholesalers on AliExpress. So we can get it at a lower price. Apart from that, there is a lot to choose from. So anything under the sun is almost in AliExpress. If you wanna check it out, their app is free, you can download it. They also deliver worldwide. They have a free shipping option. Now for this particular tutorial, I’m going to introduce you to AliDropship. AliDropship is a company that offers effective automated solutions for a dropshipping business with AliExpress. So you don’t need to learn how to import a product from AliExpress to your website, you don’t need to learn to code, to install plug-ins, everything will be done by AliDropship for you.

That’s why I really like this particular platform because it’s very beginner-friendly for those who want to start to dropship but are overwhelmed by the too many technicalities of setting up a website, marking up the products, setting up plug-ins, payments, shipping. So I know those are not simple but AliDropship makes it really simple for you. So if you wanna check it out, I’ll put the link below. I’ll show you this site. It’s a sports equipment website built through AliDropship. The products here are from AliExpress. This is how much they’ve earned in just one week for this particular shop. This particular niche or website earns about $2000 we’re talking about ₱100,000 $2000 in just one week.

In just one week. As you can see, from July 1 to July 8 that is how much this website earned. They shared their earnings dashboard to encourage everyone that you can earn from dropshipping. Okay, so what are the requirements? You need to have a PayPal account. There is no COD with dropshipping. So everything will be done virtually. Then, you also need an AliExpress account. Then if you want the easier way, where you don’t need to set up or do it yourself from scratch, then you can go with AliDropship as well. So how to start? Of course, first of all, you have to make a commitment, a decision. You have to dedicate time, to learn things, learn the how-abouts from this. Once you’ve already decided, you have to think of which products or which niche you’d like. Just decide which one is the closest or familiar to you. There. Which one you’re passionate about. Because, of course, it’s easier for you to market that product.

You know how to market it more to your audience or prospective buyers online. Like I said, you can always do it yourself. You can start from scratch, you have to buy a domain. A domain name with hosting so that they can host your shop, set up the payments, shipping methods and all that. I would suggest going with AliDropship because it’s so easy. It’s hassle-free. Especially, if we’re going to select their premium store. What’s AliDropship’s premium store? It’s basically a store that they’ve already proven working and is earning. They are offering an exact copy of that store. So they’ll just copy the store, the products, everything the reviews are also gonna be there, and it’s gonna be yours. So you can set up that same store and it’s up to you on how to market it for your audience, on how to sell the products. The good thing with the Premium Store is that it’s just a one-time payment. There’s no monthly recurring payment and you won’t need to look for a supplier. One of the things that I found hard when I started looking into dropshipping is finding suppliers. They already have a reliable supplier that is set-up.

You can choose from different shops. These are certain niches that are available right now. Then, you have three options. The first is pure copy. But if you need help in installing hosting and domain, the plug-ins, then you can select their copy and installation package. They will also set up the payment gateway for you. The last one is copy with marketing package. Everyone knows that Facebook Ads is a little bit tricky when you’re setting it up. So they’ll teach you how to set that up. They’ll help you to start it off. From there, you can start your shop. You can accept orders and start earning. What do you do when you get your first order? Once you get your first order, just go to the orders tab on your dashboard. You can order it from the supplier. So order the same item from the supplier. The supplier will be the one shipping it to the customer. So you can track it with the shipping code that the supplier sent. You’ll also see it on your dashboard. Once that has been fulfilled, it’ll reflect in your PayPal account.

Once it’s in your PayPal account, you can transfer it to your local bank here in the Philippines. Let’s now talk about the pros and cons of dropshipping. Dropshipping has many benefits. First, it’s very easy and cheap to set-up and manage compared to regular shops. Dropshipping’s risk is also kind of low because you’re not the one maintaining the inventory. It is still the supplier maintaining it. All you have to do really is, again, market the product. The nice thing about it is that you can run this business from anywhere. Your buyers aren’t limited. Because, again, this is an online shop. There is no limit on the profit scale or how much your markup. Of course, it shouldn’t be too much, right? You still have to gauge if it’s still affordable and if you priced your items correctly.

The nice thing about dropshipping, since you’re just at home, you can do this from anywhere you can do this just as a side-gig. While you have a day job, you can still be a dropshipper. All of the things have their pros and cons, right? What are the pitfalls and cons of dropshipping? First is a reliable supplier. Like I said, when I first looked into dropshipping, I got kind of turned off because it’s hard to look for suppliers. Then, second, the level of competition is high. Of course, there are many dropshippers worldwide. You should know– Of course, if you’re a starter or beginner like me you still have to study what is good to market, how do top sellers market it so that they can sell even more. Then, the last one, since you’re not managing the inventory, you don’t see the product, the shipping can be a headache and inventory management. Sometimes the shippings are delayed so you need to pacify your buyer.

Of course, you have to know how to properly manage the customer service. Even with the traditional stores, you can’t just sell the products, you have to step up and make sure the after sale and the customer service– the customers or buyers need to be treated well. If you’re still in doubt, here’s an example of one Filipino, he’s from Baguio City. His name is Chanong. He started by dropshipping keychains. If you wanna read more about how he became successful in dropshipping, I’ll put the link down below so you can get to know him and get to see how dropshipping really is effective. Especially for Filipinos. For a more recent proof of earning, you can also check this story of these two work at home moms, who made a $1M/year store via AliDropship. There you go, I really don’t wanna keep you more.

I hope you liked our topic today. It’s been requested for a long time, I just couldn’t make a article about it because I, myself was a little bit hesitant at first. But I can see now that dropshipping is one of the ways we can earn more than just a side-gig income. It has a big potential, especially in the upcoming year. It’s like an upgrade or an extra level up. Extra, extra, extra, extra level up from online selling, right? Hopefully, I convinced you a little to see light in dropshipping. If you want to look into AliDropship, they also have economical options apart from their premium store. I’ll put the link down below, just check it out. They have a lot of materials for guiding you in starting your own store. It’s free, you don’t have to pay for it. You can check all of their articles, they’ve made articles, they’ve made pictograms, so really helpful for me when I checked out their site. So make sure you check it out. I’ll see you guys again next week for another earn from home article. Bye!

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