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What happens to your body if you eat onions every day?

Onions benefits are known for a long time. Onions layers symbolize the eternity and the protection for many civilizations as the Egyptian before 2500 B.C.The onion was the king of the food, both the green onions and yellow ones.

The onions has many benefits for humans health. Thanks to its protein, vitamin C, fiber and various.

The green onions include sulfuric substance which decreases the eyes cancer.

The onions is everywhere, you can find it in the supermarkets as a vegetable and you can buy it as a powder to use it in your food. The sulfur makes the onion rich of nutrition need for your body.

Forget about the onions smell. If you read about its health benefits, you will take it every day in your food or diet.

7 . Reduce the Risk of Blood Clots.

As all we know that blood is the liquid that carry the oxygen and the necessary nutrients to our body organs. There are many types of blood but the most common type is O positive. This latter, is the best blood type to donate to the sick people. When you eat onion, your blood will get enough substances.

The onions prevent you from blood clots also they support the main function of the lungs and the heart.

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