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I Earned $175 in Just 4 Hours | Earn Money Online | Make Money by Creating YouTube Channel|Live Demo

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welcome to your website HBA services Today I am going to share how I earned 175$ in only 4 hrs In today’s  article I am going to share a live project with you guys that I’ve got on my upwork profile with 50$ per hr rate I worked for almost 3.5 to 4 hrs and earned 175$ And if i tell you about the work, the work was very simple I created a website not just i created a website but delivered some extra things to my client too Obviously No one gives you such an amount for just this work. You have to watch this  article completely I’ll tell you, what services did i delivered in this 50$ per hr job how you can sell these services, if you are a newbie and how you can earn from these services So watch this  article completely Don’t be like , i can make a website for 200$ or 400$ after watching a part of this  article only so don’t do that Watch the  article completely, and let me tell you what did I delivered in this service and which tools did i used

I am going to share all these things with you in this  article First of all, you can see my conversation with the client the title was actually YouTube  article promotion, but it was not only that In reality , you guys can also read the chat, he was asking that he wants a man who can flourish our  articles and our website right.. I’ve talked to him other than this it was a long conversation When they sent me a request related to payment On fiverr, you actually send requests to the buyer but on up-work buyer send it to you Initially i bid for 30$ per hr for this job But at that time client was only asking me to create a website and optimize it on the relevant keywords only add them and nothing else But problem with that was, it can be done easily only in half an hr means, not even a complete hr was needed for that work Even if you take an entire hr for keyword research, even then even then that work would not be that much profitable then i asked my client that whether he only needs a website or want something else too he said he wants a logo and a website art too

I also have a  article too that I have to upload after Seo and wants a thumbnail etc And I said ok , I can do all this for you but my charges would be these So at first client said that no, you have to continue at 30$ per hr but i said no I told him straight up that I can do this work quickly your time is important for me as well and mine too And you want to get your work done quickly and I told him to make a deal at 50$ per hr and I will complete this task in 2 to 3 hrs and it took about 3.5 hrs and Alhamdolillah i completed this job with 5 star review Now let me tell you what actually the task was, first of all I created a website Now creating a website is not a hard task if you have a gmail id and if you comment on this  article, and you don’t have a YouTube website , then YouTube will ask, that you need to make a Youtube website if you want to comment you need to click on create a website in order to make a comment , or then you can subscribe this website by the way, if you’ve not subscribed it yet, kindly subscribe my website and press the bell icon so hard that it ring and after that I’ve created a logo for my client By the way if you face any problem while making a YouTube website then check my description below not my description,

i mean if you check my  article’s description then you can find my complete 2020 Youtube’s course You can follow it and Secondly I’ve designed a Logo and a website art Let me show you the demo here.. this is kind of a logo , i know its too much bad logo but i don’t know how my client liked it Obviously, background and website name is not visible to you Its only the main theme of the website from where i’ve Designed it? I have used a very simple website I’ve used and I designed website art and client’s logo on this website using already present templates, and then changing them according to client’s requirement The client was live,

so I continuously asked him because he wanted the designs urgently. So he was live as along as I did this work and I continuously asked him whether its right or not and just like that i designed a Logo the one that i have showed you, and the client liked it I worked hard for the website art because I completed one and the client didn’t like it. he said he wanted the same color scheme as was in the logo and design a website art I said no problem sir, you are wasting your time, I am getting more money and by the way i started to design website art again and he liked that second one and i said that good It is one of the benefits of hourly jobs, that if your client asks for something extra you’ll get the reward of the time consumed On the other hand in fixed jobs, If you asked for 100$ then it will be your fixed price If client asked for any extra service, then whether you ask him to order separately or open a dispute and if you do the same on fiver then you have to cancel the first order and then you can increase or decrease the price So this is one of the major issue on fiver Means if one order has already been placed , then we should be able to change the prices accordingly but its not like this But in hourly based job, if you are spending extra time then using upwork’s time tracker tool, you can keep track of time spent on a particular project and you get paid for the extra time you spent so that’s why there is no problem I said alright, i can do that And thirdly I searched for the keyword and tags for his website

firstly i did a competitive research add some tags from there then from keyword planner, i searched for low competitive keywords and at the same time when client told you about the website name, you must search it on YouTube first and if there exists an already developed website then ask your client to change his website’s name don’t use this one because already there are successful creators with the same name If someone tries to search for your website name, they’d see their website only use unique name Number one thing use a unique name and use your website’s name in website’s tags and at the same time the category and the content that you are going to make on your website add tags relevant to your category It’ll be beneficial when you upload your  article with same niche same tags and same content then your  article start getting ranked then this is so important when you optimize your website Firstly , check the name of the website it must be unique and If client force you, then at least check that there should not be any developed website before its okay if a website with the same name has 50 to 100 subscribers If someone even has 100 subscribers then he can gain custom URL then it’s not beneficial too custom URL is this is custom your name comes at the end of the URL or any thing you want this is known as custom URL it’s not beneficial as well, best is . . . if a website has less than 100 subscribers then you can use it But it should not be a big developed website otherwise you’ll face problems and tell this to your client as well website optimization is done.

And then client asked that he wants a  article to be uploaded You should do a proper keyword research and upload it properly he asked he wants a thumbnail too I said, alright i can design a thumbnail too but you can not upload a custom thumbnail, till you verify your number and you have to verify your number by yourself Because you have to verify your number when you create your website to use some of the features of YouTube And for number verification mobile number or phone number , i asked him to verify himself later and I’ll deliver you the thumbnail, upload it later And so like this i basically.. did 4 main tasks, I’ve created a website, optimized it, and worked on website art and logo and after that I’ve done a complete Seo of one  article and it took me about 3.5 hr to complete and I earned 175$, with 5 star review i completed it Alhamdolillah and now for a newbie and people would be commenting that you have such a great website people will give you work client don’t bother, how much successful I am in my YouTube crier or not yes it does impact somehow but it is far more important for a client that how you are going to grow his website how you are going to do Seo for his  articles You need to tell your client where the actual problem is Suppose a man has a vlogging or gaming website a category which is not search based then how’d he know what is YouTube Seo, because he don’t need it every website does not need Seo now if there is vlogging, a gaming website or a comedy website nobody can search that

i want to laugh, show me a  article Yeah, people search broad keywords like comedy but those are no exact titles or keywords like you are writing that i only want a  article in which a person fell off and he fell of with his head lean forward, i want to see a  article like this are you getting it nobody search like this So it depends what is the category of the website whether it is a search based or not Like if there is a vlogging website and it has millions of subscribers but he’s unaware of YouTube Seo how he will do client’s  article’s Seo So that’s why it’s one of the main factor that you should know that how you are going to help your client and thats why you need to tell him and guide him So leave this excuse that i am not a YouTuber, and i don’t have a website how am i going to deliver Youtube Seo services?

and I’ve already told you how to practice join some Facebook, and help other people Do some free Seo for the one struggling i can make thumbnails for you, and in return i want your feedback that whether you liked my work or not, if it’s good take a review and add it to your portfolio This is how you can make your portfolio see, that i have some customers, for which I’ve worked before, and these are the before and after results and this is the review of that customer about my services and i can do the same for you as well and when you have done it by yourself with your own hands then you can confidently tell your customer that you are going to do it like this and secondly pricing that whether a newbie can ask for such a high price or not See, its not about new or old its about how much hold do you have on your service If you are totally perfect in your skill then you yourself wont consider it to deliver for such a low price its not necessary that every service costs 5$ or 10$ If your service have demands, and you are perfect in your service

then initially you can sell it at a high price so that’s why it depends how perfect you are and how much confidence do you have whether i can sell it for this price or not but on average if i tell you, per  article optimization you can you can charge 10 to 15$ , 20$ initially and as far as your concern is… website creation and optimization, max to max it’d take 30 to 40 mins for complete website creation, keyword research and implementation things that i have mentioned in my YouTube Seo course everything takes 30 to 40 mins and you can easily earn 30 to 50$ that’s why these technical methods are beneficial because here you spent less time and effort but reward is much bigger and if i prefer typing jobs over this, then everyone can do that and if you prefer jobs like form filling, everyone can do that competition is also higher and pricing is much lower

but if you have some technical skills which most of people are not doing or very less people are doing then obviously, your demand increases and your price too so that’s why this is one of the advantage of learning a skill that you can earn a good reward at the end so that was today’s  article, in which I’ve told you in detail that how you can earn from this service also showed you my live demo Still if you have any question then you must tell me through comment and if you are new here then subscribe the website, and also press the bell icone I’ll see you in the next  article till then

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