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How To Start A Jewelry Business Online

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what’s good wealth builders it’s your  boy devon back again with another video  and today we’re talking about how to  start  and build a jewelry making  business or jewelry business whatever  you want to call it  anyway let’s  remember well go before we get started  make sure you subscribe to the channel  because we talk about making more money  saving more money building a better you  and business without further ado  let’s get to the topic on hand how to  start  and build a jewelry business

okay so you love designing jewelry and  this is like something you can do all  the time  no matter what no matter the day no  matter the night whatever whatever  whatever you love it right now the  question is  how do you start a jewelry business  right how did you sell this this  jewelry that you make right first and  foremost  you need to figure out your niche okay  this will give you the direction you  need to go  in with your designs because you want to  start out with a niche it’ll be  easier to make sales because you have a  niche okay something people can know you  for making type of jewelry that you make  okay whatever it is people will know you  for that specific style  and they’ll go to you when they are  interested or thinking about or wanting  that type of style  your jewelry designs should have a  creative  creative look to them but you must  include  some pieces that are classic and most  jewelry lovers  recognize soon as they see them because

you don’t want to go  too far left or what have you because  people don’t recognize this type of  stuff until they know you  are legit okay and so they know you are  about your business so going to the left  or going  somewhere that no one’s gone yet with  the product  takes a lot of effort and marketing you  want to start kind of slow  and kind of build them all build them up  into the stuff that nobody’s seen  nobody’s done before okay now  figure out a cash flow forecast for  your jewelry design business okay  basically  you want to figure out hey this month i  made  five thousand dollars in cash flow okay  and two thousand dollars of that went to  inventory  went to the creative side of the  business and this that  whatever whatever it is you want to  break it down  for what what last month is and then you  got to forecast  what this month was going to be the next  month is going to be

so on and so forth at least six months  out and then this would help you  build a case for a business loan if you  need to get one  okay and it’ll help you save money  because you can save towards these goals  these amounts that you need to  keep your business rolling and rolling  and rolling  and rolling okay now  when it comes to your business name make  sure your business name is creative  and stands out to make sure you’re  rememberable  okay based on the niche okay  must be relatable to your niche of  jewelry you can’t say  you know big boys big boys chains  and it’s a little cross

no sin can’t be that if it’s big boy  chase it got to be a big boy chain it  got to be long  got to be big you got to be bulky things  like that okay  you name your your name and and and  and your logo has to kind of  coincide with what you are selling that  that goes along  for most businesses anyway but  definitely  for the jewelry business if you’re going  to put your logo anywhere on your  jewelry  you definitely need to make sure it goes  with what you’re selling to people  okay creating a logo for your jewelry  again you need something to stand out  this would be identity to your customers  um now marketing your business online  should be your number one priority once  you get all the schematics straight with  your business  okay you don’t absolutely need a website  from the start  but you should build one soon as  possible  okay so that’s all that’s all  your customers can take you seriously  and  people will you know be able to find you  when you start marketing okay but  for instance you can start off with a  site like  um etsy and ebay which a lot of people

do but you need to make sure at some  point you need a website  okay because website  is the way to go and your website needs  to be in a blog format  you will need a youtube to create video  tutorials of your jewelry the way to  show it off  to make the feel like kind of like show  people  that it’s made of quality okay people  want to be able to kind of feel  your jewelry through the camera okay now  you can post these videos on social  media sites and your blogs so you have  different places different locations for  people to see  what you’re talking about when it comes  to your jewelry and  you need to learn search engine  optimization aka  seo if you don’t want to learn it then  you can check out fiverr  fiverr is an affordable way  to get a virtual assistant that can do  your seo for you can market your  business for you they can do a lot of  things for you  on fiverr to create logos for you so  definitely check out fire they’re  definitely good  okay the link will be in the description  also  you should get a model or two to take  pictures with  the jewelry

on this would be a great way  to sell online  also do videos and things like that you  need people to wear your jewelry  to show it off show the quality shoulder  fill shoulders up  all right now one really good tip when  starting any business  is looking for need or something that is  underserved by your niche  and you become the one to fulfill that  need so whatever it is whatever  jewelry niche you’re in and if people if  companies are underserving

that niche or  underserving that portion of that niche  then you need to be the one to serve  that niche  that’s so you’ll make a lot more money  focusing that way  than trying to you know push your way  into niches that are already saturated  okay but again your main focus  beyond everything is your social media  marketing this has to be  your main focus okay because this will  make you the money  especially in the beginning okay and if  you want to learn more about  online marketing and social media  marketing then check out my playlist  of online marketing one-on-one videos  i’ll break down different online  marketing  um strategic strategies okay  and you can definitely learn more about  building your business online  from that playlist

okay and i drop a new  video every monday on that playlist  okay but all in all starting the jewelry  making business is  easy if you love it and you’re really  ready to  go the the extra mile  to build this business but like i said  man  it’s a good business to be in if this is  something that you really love  all right so thanks for watching it’s  your boy devon  signing off for how to start a jewelry  business do remember what brothers make  more save more build more  it’s the wealth builders baby

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