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How To Make Money With WhiteBoard Videos?

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people have been telling me satish you need to go ahead and you know um look a little chill on the articles wear some caps wear some hats so that’s what i’m wearing and a hat today okay this time so maybe we should wear it like this hey what’s up folks i’m gonna teach you how to make some money with whiteboards is this good or should i do it like this hey folks i’m gonna show you how to make money selling whiteboard articles so let’s do that right now so what is a whiteboard article so whiteboard article as you’ve seen it right you’ve seen it all the time

so these are articles that look something like this he has a good view of the accents and even then he’s too on edge to really enjoy it at home you’ve seen these right so these are these articles that uh that a lot of people use to explain a concept a business concept let’s say i have a product right and i need to explain to people what does it do and how does it work and you know and to and to explain that i might want to instead of saying hey dude my product does this i might want to tell a story and teach people tell people that hey this is how the product works and this is what this is what it does and how it can help you so that’s the whole point of whiteboard articles okay and people love it people love it and i’m gonna show you how you can make articles like this without owning an ipad without even knowing i don’t know how to draw folks i don’t but i can bet you that i can create a article like this in five minutes and make 500 bucks let me show that to you right now in this article if you haven’t subscribed guys this article is a series called thousand ways to make money

so my goal and one of my one of my goals in life is to teach you guys a thousand ways to make money i’m on my episode 29 30. i have i have a long way to go right and i want you to be a part of this journey and you can do that by hitting that red button that’s it it’s free let’s move on so you know what white whiteboard articles are right and you know what skill do you need you don’t need any you don’t need to know how to draw what you do need to know is learn how to use a software okay i’m going to show you a couple of these software so what you need to do is get on google and search create whiteboard animation you’ll find all of these products i’m going to show you doodly this one all you need to know is this type up it was created for you that sparkle i like this one you can also use ring render force i haven’t used this one i’ve heard good things about it from my friends but i haven’t actually used this one but i have used this one sparkle and i also have used dually both of them will let you create a whiteboard article just like that okay just like that and you can do it simple as that cool

so you know what it is you know how to create one trust me guys if you’re like ah satish i don’t know how to do it i i want to be able to do it trust me okay my dad who is like 50 60 something he made one let me see if he can do it i’m gonna teach my friends over here on my youtube channel if not i won’t bother i showed him what to do and he did it simple as that now you know what the article thing is you know how to create one where do you find customers simple you’re going to head over to fiber there’s a bunch of people let’s type up okay white it’s so selfish so right there it shows up right there you click on it simple as that and once you click on it let’s see there’s

so many people selling it okay and they’re all making money okay if they’re all making money you should be able to make money as well just make sure to see how they’re selling it how they’re proposing it okay and make sure to have lots of examples as you know as a just to show people around you might also want to do initially sell it for a cheaper price because that way you can have a bunch of reviews right and then up your price okay you can also head over to or both of these sites will sh there are people literally saying hey here’s someone here’s 200 bucks to make a 15 second whiteboard articles and you can do it it’s simple as that it’s simple super simple anybody can do it cool

so you got the site so you know where to sell okay cool now that as well i have one more way okay you have one i’m gonna show you one more place okay this is very cool you’re gonna head over to so is a site where startup owners who are brand new they post their business it’s a brand new business okay if you go through them you’ll realize they’re brand new and they need a whiteboard article because they need to be able to explain their you know their business whatever it does for example it’s a trace right i don’t know what the one this company is i’m gonna click on it and let’s see they might already have a whiteboard article usually they do oh what did i tell you i didn’t even know about this so these people need it okay most of them they don’t have it so contact so find these people right these are all people who started a business okay they need a white label white whiteboard article

so they can explain it so they can explain it to their customers okay they’re investors so contact these people and say hey let me build you a whiteboard animation article sounds fair high five if you if you’re enjoying this article go ahead and hit that red button so you know so i can i can show you more articles like this okay let’s move on and how much do you charge okay start so here’s what i don’t get so 15 seconds 100 bucks 30 seconds 150. you see what i’m going so every 15 seconds i think you should charge about 50 bucks when you’re starting out now as you get better as you you know as you improve you can up your price to whatever you want but as far as i’ve seen uh one minute article usually normal right you don’t wanna you don’t wanna make a article that’s like five hours or ten minutes too long it’s usually under five minutes right

so a minute of article 100 bucks sounds pretty fair to me pretty fair to me okay so yeah so that’s how you can actually make money selling white board articles now if you enjoyed this article i’ve made more articles on my series called thousand ways to make money make sure to subscribe for more articles just like this on the comments tell me ask me questions i’ll answer them to you personally thank you so much you

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