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How To Make $800 A MONTH And Earn Money Online For FREE With PayPal!

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what’s going on guys in today’s article  i’m going to show you how to make  Bucks online even if you’re completely  broke you’ve never tried to make Bucks  online before  and all you have is a paypal account now  i used to do this method quite some time  ago and this is some of the earnings  that i made  from this particular method and i’m  going to take you through exactly  what i did to make this Bucks and how  you can actually go and do this  yourself this is going to be a nice  quick tutorial showing you exactly  how you can do this method to earn some  Bucks online  now every single week i bring out articles  showing you  how i actually make Bucks online i  release case studies i release  methods and here’s some of the articles of  some of the Bucks that i’ve actually  earned online so three thousand dollars  a day  uh this one here i did 26 000  this one had 8 000 in seven days

so i  know how to make Bucks on the internet  and if you’re interested in learning  about these strategies every  single week make sure you hit that  subscribe button tap that notification  bell so you know my next  article comes out because i release articles  every single week showing you the best  strategies on how to earn on the  internet now as i mentioned  this is a completely free method you  won’t need to spend any  Bucks doing this you won’t need a  website to do this either  and if you want to get paid from this  training all you need is a paypal  account and there’s also other ways you  can get paid but anybody can start a  paypal account  all you need is a paypal account and you  can make Bucks with this  particular method i’m going to take you  through this step by step and show you  every single step you need to do

so make sure you pay attention because  if you miss any of these steps  you might not understand how to do this  and make sure you watch all the way from  the start to the  end so you learn everything on how to  implement  this method before we get into this  method guys i just have to put up the  winners from the last  article so they’re going to be up on the  screen now and if you don’t know what  this is i give away  cash or access to one of my courses in  my articles  now this is the last time we’re actually  doing this so make sure  you actually follow these steps to get  in all you’ve got to do is  find the emoji in this article smash the  like button  and then when you find that emoji what  you need to do is post it below  emoji plus cash or emoji plus course and  you can get access to one of my courses  or you can get some cash whatever  one you choose if you just go in the  comments you’ll see people doing it so  find that emoji  smash that like button do that comment  and you can possibly win in the next  article but this is the last time we’re  actually  doing it we’ve been doing it for about  two months now and we want to get our  comment section back to questions where  we can reply to people so how do you  actually  do this method there’s one step you need  to do first before we start anything and  let’s sign up to these two websites  called  and

so this is  this is the website that we’re going to  be actually using  all you do is you go to the register  page and you can sign up for an account  it’ll take you through the steps okay  that’s very simple to do  the next one is called  and you want to go to join and you can  join now once you sign up  to these you need to follow the next  steps i just had to log in real quick so  we can actually  do this process what we’re going to do  um for this so we’re actually going to  i’m going to show you how to do this  so we’re going to use these words called  social signals okay  this is just an example and what you’re  going to do is you actually  we’re going to essentially go to  and i’m going to type social signals in  the search box  now seo clerks is a service as a website  so where you can find services for  really really cheap like one dollars two  dollars three dollars four dollars  and five dollars now if i actually  scroll down  i found one before that i liked let me  just find it  okay so 1300 um social signals i’m going  to open this up  350.

uh sorry 1 350.  there’s actually lots of other ones that  you can do as well like this one is a  dollar  i actually used to use these guys quite  a bit  but these guys here if you get um you  get 1 300 social signals  from top websites for three dollars and  we can purchase  this so this particular service now  why would we want to actually purchase  this let me explain i know i said this  is free and it is free  what we can actually do at is  if i put in social signals in here  social signal and we actually find  services here  so this one here this person here is  selling social signal services  for ten dollars thirty four dollars  fourteen dollars  ten dollars for the lowest one for  twelve hundred and fifty  social signals so what you could do is  you could actually sign up to  you could start your own service selling  social signals or any sort of other  services  um there’s article marketing email  marketing  seo all sorts of services that you can  actually  sell on

so you start your own  service like this one here  so all of the information is here he’s  got everything nice and laid out  and someone can go and purchase this is  a very very popular site  it’s like fiverr it’s an alternative to  fiverr so you start your own gig  on here and then what you do is you go  to social signal  once someone actually purchases from you  for 10 or 20  or whatever you’re selling it for you go  to s  seo clerk sorry and you purchase this  particular service or maybe we go back  and we um purchase this service here  which is 8 000  social signals for one dollar  and you and you make a profit you  essentially make Bucks let me explain to  you how that actually works  now here’s some actual results so what i  used to do is i used to do this on a  platform called which is exactly like  legit  now source market doesn’t exist anymore  but one of the guys used to sell on  source market  started this website called legit and  it’s the exact same  thing so i made the sixteen thousand  dollars doing exactly this but i made  this Bucks doing the exact  same thing that i’m teaching you so  essentially how this works is you list  your service on it could be anything logo  design or anything like that  then you need to find somewhere that  sells it for cheaper so you can buy it  for cheaper and you’re a middleman  you’re reselling this service

so for example seo clerks i found the  exact same thing  for three dollars and what happens is i  buy it for three dollars  and i sell it for ten dollars which  gives me seven dollars  profit okay you can really make some  good Bucks doing this and if you look at  these  these things 400 reviews 900 reviews  300 reviews now i know for a fact that  only like 10 or 20 percent of people  leave reviews so these guys are selling  thousands and thousands of thousands  of these services every single month and  people were actually purchasing them  look  100 reviews all of these reviews  now how is this actually free you might  be wondering  well what happens is someone gives you  the ten dollars  then you use their Bucks to buy the  service  for three dollars and then what happens  is you send them  the the server say hey we got your  social signals  and then you take you get the seven  dollars profit  paid into your paypal account legit will pay you into your paypal  account it’s a very simple process and  it’s very simple to do and if we  actually  um the social signals was just an  example right on  seo clerks you can find any type of  service to resell

so for example content and writing  you’ll probably be able to let’s go  article writing this person will do an  article for  three dollars 600 unique words if we go  here and we go they probably got it here  so  writing um we’ll just go to writing  real quick and we’ll see what they’ve  got so they will do someone will do  500 words for 15  so you could go and buy this for three  dollars  and you could resell it on this website  for ten dollars for example and you’d  make seven dollars  and once again people are going out  there and they are selling  these services so they go to legit first  they start their service when someone  makes a purchase  with their service they then go to seo  clerks or another website where you can  find  services for cheap and then you buy it  by going

so for example i go to order  now  and let’s just pretend that someone’s  purchased a um  an article gig from me from  and then i would simply go to pay the  three dollars  right and there’s all of these extras  that you can get as well  um oh there’s actually one extra but if  i go back to  the seo signals i want to show you  something real quick  you can see social signals  you can see that a lot of these people  actually sell extras  so if i go order now there’s  some extras here for one dollar one  dollar one dollar one dollar  at you can actually put in  upsells and you can sell more so for  example you can say hey  we’ll give you um we’ll give you  120 extra pinterest shares which is only  gonna cost you one dollar  for five dollars

so we would sell that  to you for fifteen dollars  right it’s a very very good process to  make Bucks online and it’s quite easy to  understand you’re essentially setting  yourself up as a seller on  once  someone makes a purchase from you you go  to or another website  where you can find that service for  cheaper okay and then you make Bucks  that way now  it’s really simple to get set up you  basically register log in and you set up  but how do you go and make cool images  like this and stuff like that so these  images are like  quite cool they look good they feel good  and they have a lot of information like  you have to like you’re gonna have to  put some work in guys you’re not just  gonna make a bunch of Bucks straight  away you have to build up  yourself as a good seller on this  network but all i would do is go to what  we call it’s a free website  and you can simply find images and i  could get this image here let’s just  put this over here and i can put some  text on here  oh actually i can just move that text  around and i can say hey  we’ll do the article one for example 600  word article article  and we’ll say  two day time  it really depends on what you what you  want  quick articles uh how quick and get it  but i’ve just done that real quick

so  quick articles 600 word article two day  delivery time  i could easily go and set up a service  selling articles and i just create an  image and everything in front of you  that’s exactly how you can go and make  Bucks online with this  method and remember all you’re doing is  you’re  as you are listing your service on once someone purchases you’re  going to  and you’re buying that service for  cheaper  and then you make profit okay  that’s exactly how this works now if you  want some more free training on how you  can make Bucks online i’ll leave some of  my favorite methods on the screen  that will take you through step by step  on how you can make Bucks online  these are completely free for you to  watch don’t forget to subscribe  tap that notification bell smash that  like button if you have any questions  let me know below and i’ll help you out  with making Bucks  online i’ll see you in the next article on  the right

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