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How to Make $500 a Day From Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

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what’s going on guys here welcome back to another article so in this article we’re going to talk about making 500 a day without a website so you know when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online having a website is just a key to success you got to have that if you want to make it happen but there are some ways for you to actually start without a website so in this article i’m going to share two methods one is going to be paid which is faster and much more effective and another one is free you can start with actually paying anything all right guys so let’s get started let’s talk about these strategies and details and let’s see how we can make money 500 a day without a website all right so let’s get started all right guys so let’s talk about the first strategy or first way which is uh my favorite and also it just requires a bit of investment so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna purchase solo ads and send them directly to um to a sales page now but one of the things you want to be doing is that since you’re not building any pages because usually solo ads are attract it’s a traffic source where you got to send to an opt-in page where people put their name and email so one of the things you could do is you want to make sure that make sure that the product you’re promoting has actually an opt-in page okay so this way you actually send your traffic to an opt-in page which is capture which is captured and then can be you know marketed again right now one of the things i recommend is promoting products that are going to also pay you for this opt-in as well because this way you actually can make money make back the money that you spent on solar so this way you know if there’s no sale at least you’re gonna make money for this lead that you generated for them so there are some affiliate programs do who do that uh adversity is actually one of them if you’re an adversary member you know that you know and i’m gonna actually talk about this as well a lot more right now in this article but if you go to a partners program if you go to pay-per-leads link section you’re going to be able to see a lot of opt-in pages where you can get paid for sending leads you know again one dollar for example for per verified lead and you can buy your solas from udemy so this is a website you can join for free and you can just go find sellers and buy from them all right for example uh this person you can go and just you know buy like 100 clicks from them again you got to have your message set and linked to your fleet page as well but yeah again can be easily bought and also send the traffic here and you can make money again the idea here is that to not just make money for the sales you make but also for uh the leads that you generate as well with this system so this way you can you get paid either way which is very powerful so this is the first one i recommend again this is really quickly so all you need is an affiliate program that pays you uh the uh pays you for leads and also sells because for example in this case uh if you actually make a generated lead you’re going to get a dollar and also if the sale is made you’re going to make 50 50 of that sell which is like 49 so that’s just the benefits of being in a program like that um so that’s that now the second method is actually the free traffic okay so free traffic is actually takes a bit more time but um but it’s just you know it’s for people who are new and want to um don’t want to spend too much money or don’t want to spend any money but the thing again is that when you actually do things for free you’re paying for it with your time so this is going to be time consuming now before we get into that free method i’m going to talk about a versus solar master class guys i’m going to leave a link to a version of silver master class for you in the description it’s going to take you to this page where you can learn more about it versus silver master class now i’m going to explain a little bit about this so you know starting an online business is always challenging um it takes time it takes money but more importantly you got to spend time and money to test you know the thing is that a lot of people want to say hey starting an online business is easy but it really is not that easy you have to do tests you have to test a lot of pages you have to spend money to drive traffic or your time to drive traffic and run tests to see what works what doesn’t work and do a lot of different stuff to actually build a uh business that is really actually making you money you know it takes time it takes maybe months if not years to build a successful online business but silver master class is actually going to allow you to bypass all that so what’s going to do is it’s going to give you done for you funnels that you can deploy and make high ticket commissions like this so it’s going to give you a couple of things first of all it’s going to give you done for you funnels for example this is one of the funnels that um you’re going to get in the silver master class what it does is actually let me just go right here so what it does it it just gives you the training the full training article so you can deploy it okay so there you go this is a full training article and then there’s the template that you can download and import and use and then there are keywords to advertise and there’s the ad copy again everything is done for you right so that’s the done done-for-you aspect of it now what it does it also um gives you a system that is going to generate high ticket commissions because it’s not just about making a couple of dollars it’s about making big money and if you want to become successful you gotta focus on generating large commissions all right that’s the key to success i’ve been doing this for almost eight years now i’m gonna tell you when you make big commissions that’s where you really make money that’s when you really are successful small commissions like 50 bucks you know 100 bucks it’s really not going to make a huge difference in your life and they’re not that hard to make these big commissions either

so it’s going to give you this high ticket a free marketing system which is included in the silver master class and it’s going to give you all that stuff okay one more thing it’s going to give you a dedicated coach all right that’s very important because you want to have someone who’s going to help you to um who’s going to help you to uh and who’s going to help you with every single question you have you know if you have any questions you you don’t want to go out and google it you don’t want to go figure it out by yourself you have a coach you can contact him you can you know email him call him you can just ask him questions and they’re going to be helping you out immediately that’s really really powerful this is one of the biggest features of adversity itself now one more thing is that this is actually a continuous program what i mean by that is that it’s constantly updated so every week we add a new funnel so it’s not just like you know a couple of funnels that you deploy every week we add new funnels so you can definitely improve and grow your business

so you just deploy a new funnel every week and grow your business so there’s a lot of powerful features i strongly recommend you check out the link in the description it’s going to take you to the page it’s going to explain all these features you know how to get a fleet program dedicated coaching weekly updates right and high ticket commissions all that stuff done for you stuff so it’s gonna explain all that watch the article it’s gonna explain a lot of good stuff here all right guys so let’s go back to the article um so let’s talk about the free strategy here so the free strategy obviously is to um use a free traffic source okay now again i’m assuming you have your free eight products ready so you know what you’re promoting okay so what you want to do is you want to create a canva account okay and you want to create pinterest pins okay so there you go

so you want to create pinterest pins and you also need a printer’s account okay so uh you want to create a pinterest pin and just start promoting a free product using pinterest now i’m going to create one real quick right now um let’s just go and do this um this is fine all right let’s just go ahead and use that so again you want to create a pinterest pin and have your fleet link with your um and have your affiliate link and just post it in your pin service account now guys keep in mind this takes time okay you got to keep doing this you gotta um you get a post every single day now i have a full article about pinterest traffic which i’m gonna post through like just added right here you can check it out i posted a couple days ago it’s really amazing you can achieve a lot of great stuff with pinterest you just have to put the time and money on it but you can just create pins like this for free okay you can download them and you can post them on pinterest with your affiliate link and just generate affiliate revenue it’s very easy it just takes time to build a considerable amount of traffic to your link all right guys thank you

so much watching this article i hope you got some value from it if you did make sure to like this article share it with your friends and comment if you’re not a commentr again guys i’m going to leave a link to a silver master class in the description check it out if you want to get started you know the thing with silver master class is that it’s just going to give it’s going to give you everything you need so you really don’t have to set up anything because one of the biggest hurdles and problems when it comes to starting an online business it’s just building everything and testing it and you know that itself takes time and a lot of money

so you know with silver master class everything is basically provided you just have to deploy it and start using it and make money and you can make those high ticket commissions also you’re gonna have a coach who’s gonna help you to get it started answer your questions and everything so it’s just everything you need to start your online business as fast as possible is there you can make way more than 500 over there a day with the silver master class and strategies and funnels and done-for-you stuff that is provided for you over there alright so definitely check it out i’m going to leave a link in the description let me know if you have any questions also leave a couple of comments if you enjoyed this article and again comment if you’re not a commentr consider doing that that helps a lot to the website as well alright guys i’m making articles every single day make sure you come back tomorrow for more stuff like this thank you so much watching this article i’ll see you in the next one

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