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How to EARN $758,000,000 in 30 SECONDS? (Make Money Online Worldwide 2020)

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today I’ll show you how to make sevenhundred and fifty eight million dollarsin just thirty seconds and if you don’tbelieve that it’s possible to earn somuch money in such a short period oftime just give me five minutes and Iwill show you how it’s possible then inthe end of this video I will show youalso how you can make a large as theincome online even start against acomplete beginner and if you don’t haveit in five minutes I guess you don’thave the patience to make money onlinebecause it will require some effort andif you I don’t saw you in five minuteshow to make seven hundred fifty eightmillion dollars in 30 seconds you candislike you can go close this video butjust give me that five short minutes andI will show you how to do it and if Ican prove to you that it’s possible tomake certain 68 million dollars in 30seconds you promise to smash up like andshare this video also with your friendsdo we have a deal but first I want toask you two questions when you see amoney-making strategy

on to internetsomebody teaches you how to make moneyonline you always need to ask these twoquestions first of all is itduplicatable for example if someonemakes for example $200 in a day onlinecan you also make the same or can anyoneelse make the same simply following thesame steps like if you see the stepsthat he has used can you also use thesame steps to make $200 per day is itduplicatable if the answer is yes thenyou move to the second question what canyou do to achieve what are the stepsthat he used to do it and what are thesteps that you need to do to make thesame thing happen those are the twoplaces that you need to be askingyourself always when you look fordifferent ways to make money online letme give you three example big mark sayshere earn $75 your first day watchingvideos make money online

in 24 hoursfirst of all isn’t duplicatable oh it’sbig mark using this the answer is no heis not using it and it’s notduplicatable histor scamming peoplesecond one ryan Hildred earn fourhundred and thirty three dollars per dayplaying new games is it to placate Appleis ryan hildrethusing this himself no and no so wedumped that strategy also then the thirdXBranson Taye says how to earn $7 papermoney in 2020 is he using this is heusing his other strategies no and noit’s not duplicatable so if something isthe duplicatable it’s irrelevant likeyou don’t need to watch this video youare just wasting your time whilewatching these kinds of videos then I’llgive you two examples of videos whereyou see duplicatable strategies forexample pat flynn says here are nineways I earn passive income online and hehas of course made like millions andmillions of dollars online are hisstrategies duplicatable yes they are forexample creating online courses doingaffiliate marketing on many differentways how he is making money for examplecreating YouTube videos those areduplicatable strategies that anyone canuse to make money online simplyfollowing the same steps that Pat Flynnfor

example have used or for example Ishowed recently four steps to make atleast one hot dogs per day usingClickbank I click thankful for beginnersI saw a beginner friendly strategy thatanyone can use to make at least one hotdogs per day its duplicatable cananybody do this yes and yes any body cando it and I’m going to show you in amoment how to make that seven hundredand fifty eight million dollars in justthirty seconds but if you are enjoyingso far remember to mass of likes forthis video and share this with yourfriends also when you see different kindof make money online threats is thereare usually two kinds of scenarios twokinds of stories the first one is thatthey are unique examples I will give youfour examples in a moment but the secondscenario is that they are duplicatablein other words anybody can do it let megive you a few examples of those uniquescenarios for example Michael Jordan hewas the best basketball player of alltime and and you will not most likelybecome like Michael Jordan unless youare very tall and you have long fingersyou will not most likely become the bestbasketball player of all time eventhough you would study relentlessly howMichael Jordan practiced so that’s oneexample of a unique story or for exampleBill Gates he was born in the UnitedStates in quite a wealthy family hestudied

in a good university he had avery good backhe was not born for example inBangladesh in a poor family so he had avery good background very goodenvironment and all the resources to dowell then he went don’t create Microsoftand put the computer onto every desktopin the world or something like that thatwas a unique story if you and I aregoing to try it most likely we are notgoing to make it so for example MarkZuckerberg he came in the right time hecreated Facebook when there was demandand they were not similar social mediasuccessful ones and he did it he wasborn in the successful environment hehad all the resources to do well willyou and me become like Mark Zuckerbergmost likely not these are unique storiesand at the last but not least MichaelPhelps he won’t like 23 gold medals inthe Olympic Games if you and me we if westudy like relentlessly if we areobsessed study how he exercised and ifwe do the same can we also win 23 goldmedals most likely not unless we havestarted training like when we were 5years old or 10 years old when we werekids most likely if you and

I would nowstart practicing like Michael Phelps wewould still not make the 33 gold Olympicmedal so that’s what we need tounderstand there are unique stories thatare not possible for us but then thereare also those to placate opposedscenarios and those are that you and Ishould focus on for example even someshort persons have got the NBA there areseveral people who have been less than170 centimeters less than 5 feet and 7inches tall and they have gone to theNBA so even though you would be shortyou may make it to NBA if you startpracticing when you are young mostlikely will not become the next MichaelJordan but you may become the next NBAplayer and that’s of course awesome likeyou can still be one of the best maybenot the best of the best because thereis only one like that in the world butyou may become one of the best of thebest or if you want to become like amulti billionaire like Mark Zuckerbergor Bill Gates or Elon marks maybe thisis not possible for you and me but youand I we may become for examplemillionaires there are everythingthey more than one thousand and sevenhundred millionaires made in the worldlike every single day most likely wewill not become meteors like that likeif somebody promises to you become amillionaire in the next 30 days mostlikely it’s impossible but if become

amillionaire in the next 30 years that’smore likely to happen so we need tounderstand the difference between uniquestories and duplicatable models or thethird scenario is making a large incomeis this duplicatable yes it is thousandsand thousands even hundreds of thousandsof people all over the world arenowadays making a live CD income onlinethey started from zero and they learnedhow to use the internet to make moneyonline I am of course one of themI know dozens and dozens of people whohave also learned to make money onlineand quit their 9 to 5 job so it’scompletely possible it’s duplicatable aslong as you have a proven a process andnow I promise to show you how to makeseven hundred and fifty eight milliondollars in 30 seconds so I’m going totell you the story they were sir persona woman in the United States calls maybeVantage and he went to the local storeto buy a lottery ticket from a Bauerball it took maybe 30 seconds to buy theticket and that one ticket earned him aseven hundred and fifty eight milliondollars actually more than a sevenhundred and fifty eight million andseven hundred thousand dollars so that’show you can make 78 million dollars in30 seconds go to buy a lottery ticketand win the biggest jackpot in thePowerball that’s how it works so now toask you a question is this storyduplicate the below

or is it a uniquestory well the answer is obvious it’snot to placate able it’s a unique storythat happened like a once in a lifetimefor one person and many make moneyonline strategies that you see on you dopeople are claiming you make twentythousand dollars in the next 30 days orearn five hundred dollars in fiveminutes or something like that those arenot duplicatable systems they are simplysystems that have happened maybe once ortwice into historyReigate lucky and that’s how they earnmoney but what I focus on my youtubechannel I only those duplicatable modelsbut I want to show you in my videos Ihave like 600 videos on my youtubechannel I only want to show you those toplacate Apple ways to make money onlinebecause that’s where you and I was sortafocusing on it doesn’t matter what arethose unique stories because we cannotapply that knowledge in our lives whatwe can apply is that how can you and Imakes it live single what can we do whatare the steps and that’s what you shouldalso be focusing on stop followingYouTube’s cameras like brick mark orRyan Hildred or any other ones that arepromising you hundreds and thousands ofdollars with these unique examplesactually

they are promoting you someponzi schemes and scams so that’s alsoanother reason not to follow them followonly the strategies that can make youlive chasing money in duplicatable wayand the first formula what I recommendto you is very simple I’ll explain it toyou in a momentbut if you enjoy so far remember tosmash up likes and now let me explain toyou this four step formula in a nutshellso the first tip is to pick your topicwhat do you love talking about what doyou love in general for example let’ssay you love cars then the second stepis that you create a simple website or ablog for this topic for example basedcars that I love accom just to give youan example third step is to startwriting different reviews for examplereviews about car tires or car equipmentand all kinds of car stuff then thefourth step is that you will startearning money when people will come toyour website from Google or from othersources they will see your articles theywill click some of your links when theygo and buy some of those car accessoriesyou will earn money for that and ofcourse this works within any topic withany needs you can make money by writingabout what you love it doesn’t mean needabout cars it can be also aboutbackpacks or tech stuff like laptop orsmartphone so lighting camera anythingin the world like you can make money bydoing what you love that’s the beauty ofthis four step formula and of course ifyou don’t like writing car also createYouTube videos or

if you prefer usingsocial media you can use this process tomake moneyexample or Instagram or tick-tock ofFacebook or any other social media thatyou like using this has been proven towork it’s a duplicatable model that Iand thousands and even tens of thousandsprobably even hundreds of thousands ofpeople all around the world have beenusing to make money online now if youwant to learn more about this you canwatch of course all of my 600 YouTubevideos on my channel and learn this forone half percent free or you can clickthe link in description check out thestep by step training where you willlearn how to do this like click by clickit’s a duplicatable model inside whatyou feel it and of course now when youstart making money when you start thismoney-making training and money-makingprocess remember that it will take timethink about the skills that you canmaster for example if you are good atbasketballit probably takes like several years tobecome great at it all let’s say youlike football think about how much timeit takes to master it all let’s say youstudied in the university

how many yearsit took like three or five years so whenyou start learning this strategy it’snot going to make you millions like thisit’s going to make you seven hundredfifty eight million dollars in the nextthirty seconds but it’s a provenstrategy that works that this worked forme and thousands for others so let’s saythat give you at least a couple ofmonths or let’s say if you give you atleast one year then I believe that youcan make larger income definitely in oneyear and imagine how it would changeyour life if one year from now you couldwake up and you just take yoursmartphone and you take how much moneyyou have made while you were sleepingwell let’s say you take your family to acase on your girlfriend or boyfriendwhatever for the weekend and then afterthe weekend you come to your lab theywould take how much have you earnedduring the weekend you can earn passiveincome even while you are not workingonce you do the work then you startearning imagine how your life willchange if you earn thousands of dollarsevery single month passive income I’mjust asking you so if you like to learnthat step by step click by click with myone on one support click the link ordescription I’ll help you to get startedand also if you want to learn from myyoutube videos I believe you links indescription for other resources whereyou can also learn for what hard percentfree I hope you enjoyed my videoremember to live with passion and youand me we will see you in the next videohow wonderful day my friend Aa 6 //

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