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one click equals 1.66 cents three clicks  equals five dollars  and in this article i’ll show you step by  step alive how i make five dollars for  three  clips and i will explain you exactly how  this works this requires no investment  so you can do it for absolutely free and  you can do it from all over the world  they do pay through paypal there are but  there are some other payment options if  paypal is not available in your country  but before we start make sure to tap the  like button leave a thumbs up because  after each 30 000 likes in this article

i  would randomly reward  comments from the comment section with  cash prizes so after each 3 000 likes so  when this article hits 3 000 likes i will  randomly reward some comments with cash  prizes then when this article hits  6 000 likes when it hits 9 000 likes 12  000 likes and so on and so forth  i will keep rewarding you guys so  definitely just go down below  click the like button leave a thumbs up  and leave a nice comment in the comment  section and with all of that being said  and done let’s start the tutorial so  here you can see on this website i made  10 dollars already just with  six clicks and in a minute i will be  showing you live  how i click three times and make five  more  dollars and if you do the math five  dollars divided by three clicks is 1.66  cents per each  click but before i show that i need to  explain you how this works and what  exactly we are doing  so we will get back to this website in a  minute  okay so basically if we come over to

no no no  don’t worry we will not be selling  anything  on fiverr i just wanna show you  something and for those that maybe  don’t even know what fiverr is well  fiverr is a freelancing website where  you can hire or get hired  to do any sort of different jobs  everything from like article editing  digital marketing  and copywriting all the way to business  card designs in the photoshop  edits but anyways we won’t be doing that  we are here today to make 1.66 cents per  click  right well then let me should let me  just show you something  there’s one particular service here  that’s blowing up and people  are buying it like crazy but once again  do not worry you will not have to sell  anything on fiverr i’m just using it as  an example  and that service is for the retouching

so i can search for photo retouching  here  and you will be able to see that there  are over 11 000  services available so the competition  here is insane and it’s nearly  impossible  to make a sale as a beginner you know  when once you create a brand new account  in fiber it will be  nearly impossible to make a sale and  that’s why we will be using some other  platform  to truly make five dollars with just  three  clicks but first as an example is just  as an example  take a look at this people are getting  loads of orders at a price of five  dollars and they’re still making this  amount of money but they didn’t watch  this article the one you’re watching right  now  and because of that they spend countless  hours manually retouching all of those  photos  and they are also not using the platform  which i’m about to show you  and by selling on fiverr they’re making  a lot  less money so consider yourself  extremely lucky for clicking on this  article and make sure to stay all the way to the  end so i can show you how you can  literally  maximize your results and earn more  money faster anyways  let me show you which fiber alternative

i use to get sales quickly  so just a minute before i show you live  how i click three times and make five  dollars let me first show you this  five-year-old alternative i use  so this is already quicken and  this is pretty much a new website that  looks and works  almost the same as fiverr but it’s not  competitive at all there are not many  sellers  here as in fiverr and because of that  it’s a lot  a lot easier to make money as a complete  beginner and even the first day you sign  up here and yes  signing up to this website is absolutely  free all you need to do is come over to  click or register right here then that  will take you over to the next page  where you will create a unique  username type in something you like then  enter your email address the real email  address  select the user type so you’re obviously  not here to buy anything you’re here

to  make money for absolutely free  and that’s why you will select this  seller type  then create a password enter some enter  your some phone number here you can even  enter some random phone number because  as far as i’m concerned  they will not check it and you can  either leave this company name  blank or just enter some random name you  don’t need to actually have a company so  don’t worry  and at the end just hit register and  you’re ready to go you will be  redirected to your brand new account  once you log into your account it will  look something like this you will be  able to browse  thousands of different services in the  quicken gigs but you will see that  almost no one is selling the retouching  service so that’s why  it will be a lot a lot easier

for you to  make money if you jump on it  before it becomes over saturated so pay  close attention to this article you don’t  want to miss this one  anyways in order to list your gig for  sale all you need to do  is go to jobs and click post new suppose  a new job and then you can basically  just take a look at how other successful  gigs on  fiverr doing that and just replicate it  and set the price to five dollars  and that’s recommended five dollars in  order to make sales quickly  and basically since this website is  pretty much the same thing on fiverr  it’s probably gonna work the same if  that guy is getting a lot of sales on  fiverr you can replicate  their title you can change the  description a little bit and just put it  in your quicken gigs  gig and then don’t completely don’t  completely copy and paste it as i said  you can change a little bit and that way  you can be one step ahead  of all the other sellers on and once you list

it  for sale  other quicken gigs members will be able  to see your offer and will be able to  place an order  and here’s how it’s gonna look like once  they do so  they pay five dollars so for example  this guy paid five dollars they will  send you an  image you just download it to your  computer and  here’s how to do the retouching in three  clicks and make five dollars for  absolutely free  again and again you can basically do it  for unlimited times and once again if  you do the math  five dollars divided by three clicks is  1.66 cents per click  in order to make five dollars in three  clicks all you need to do  is go to  once again  this is an absolutely free tool they  will do it professionally for you they  will do the retouching process  professionally for you now please  count my clicks right now and you will  see how much it takes  to make five dollars

so i click enhance your photo  that’s one click then i click from  computer  that’s my second click and then i just  click on that photo  and that’s basically it three clicks now  i just need to wait for a couple of  seconds for this tool to do the  retouching professionally for me  and i will be ready to go and collect my  earnings  so not only will this tool do the  retouching but it will also fix the  entire image to make it  to make it look as professional as  possible so in three clicks  everything is done for me it might be  even better than if i did it manually  now i will show and all i need to do is  now just download this to my computer  then i will go back to quicken gigs

i will maybe say here’s your delivery or  something like that  then just select the image and send it  over to them  and that my friend made me five dollars  in front of your eyes  that was live that’s how i collected  five dollars for just  three clicks on the  i know i said this countless time in  this article but five dollars for three  clicks  is 1.66 cents per each click so it’s  simple as that just list your gig for  sale  on quaking gigs someone places an order  you grab their photo you download it to  your computer go to  and with just three clicks to get  everything done for you professionally  sometimes it’s gonna look even better  than if you did it manually for hours in  photoshop and other places i think it  can get more easier and more simple than  this  now as i promised you for staying all  the way to the end of the article

i will help you maximize your results  and earn  more money faster so how can you do that  well instead of just relying on quicken  gigs and waiting for your first order  here  you know wasting for all those orders  just on quicken gigs what you can do  is at least your gig on as many places  as you can  to maximize your results so you can even  list it on fiverr  if you want to even though it is it is  it is competitive but after some time  you can maybe make a couple of sales  there  you can also listen  that’s a really nice one as well and  it’s really similar to fiverr as well  and there’s a lot of people visiting you can also use so the more places you list on  the higher chances of getting  more sales faster you have you can also  try and i  also love those websites as well  and they pretty much work the same as  fiverr once again that’s gonna be the main one and  that’s it for this article thanks for  sticking with me you’re amazing and if  you did get some value out of this article and if you did enjoy it then don’t  forget to tap the like button  and don’t forget to subscribe and hit  the bell icon because i’m posting a lot  of make money online article  and you just don’t want to miss them  because by clicking the bell icon  after you subscribe you will be notified  whenever

i have a new fresh strategy  so you can be one of the first to use it  and that way be one step ahead of your  competitors and of course that way make  the most money  thanks for watching and if you want to  see how you can make 500  for literally just one post in facebook  with no followers no friends and for  absolutely free  then make sure to click on the article  that’s on the screen right now  and you will not regret it it’s a great  article and you’re going to love it so see  you inside that one

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