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From Broke to Not: My Online Business Journey (Shopify Dropshipping)

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this is the true story of how i started my online entrepreneurship journey and how you can so shakespeare believe it or not only two years ago i was sitting in a college lecture hall wallowing in debt wondering if i was ever going to be able to escape this cycle then half your life getting your education get a nine-to-five job raise a family and die like any other student bored out of their minds of sitting in a lecture hall i was daydreaming thinking of how i can escape that cycle now trust me i’m the modern day einstein if anything i’m more of a modern-day ferris bueller because just like ferris bueller i have just the right amount of dump some people call it balls to jump into something that might scare you and that you’ve never done before and try to execute it to the best of your ability if you’ve been following me on this website for a long time now you already know that i partake in a particular business practice known as drop shipping two things i love about drop shipping number one drop shipping is not proprietary for those of you out of first grade reading level out there it means everything you need to start drop shipping is accessible to everyone if you know where to look on the internet believe it or not you could start a store today and start making revenue tonight it’s that easy number two you can make numbers like this in your first month fourteen thousand dollars that’s how much i was spending on tuition for an entire semester made that in 16 days my first 16 days of dropshipping this is intended to be a very short  article on how i got started drop shipping with no money no knowledge and no emotional support that’s right my family friends neighbors ex-girlfriend grandma no one believed in me and supported me yeah it’s hard out there and how i’ve emerged two years later having done millions in online sales like i said before there’s a loophole  article

so you already know i’m dropping value make sure you like subscribe because i release a new e-commerce  article every monday specifically about how you can reach your online entrepreneurship goals now there’s a real cliffhanger there in the beginning the  article when i showed you this revenue screen i don’t want to give away too much value publicly on youtube so that’s why i’m doing these webinars every night which you can go to at this link just the overarching concept of what is going to be that webinar i think the webinar is like an hour long i reveal my first product ever that is responsible for these numbers at least how i found that product and how i ended up scaling my business to multi-seven figures that’s right multi-million dollars in sales copy this link you want to go to it and sign up and watch it it’s free might as well for those of you who loved youtube i’m here today and i’ll explain a little bit about this i’m going to go through and tell you the anecdote from a date stamp i went to college in fall 2016 originally from the east coast i came out to california got a really great scholarship at a film school here in la around the spring semester of my sophomore year i was ready to quit at that point i was a  articlegrapher i was editing youtube  articles for influencers in la i was planning on being a  articlegrapher that summer for a traveling group of entrepreneurs that takes me into may when i flew to bali to meet this group of entrepreneurs that i ended up shooting with the whole summer june even in july i didn’t even have this store done

i was soaking up information i was soaking up knowledge from traveling with these guys learning facebook ads learning all the simple pleasures of drop shipping then in september of 2018 three four i can’t i told you i’m not an einstein some amount of months after i dropped out of school i launched my first shopify store which is the results you saw on the very beginning of the  article 14 000 in my first month now i’ll take you through the next six months or

so you can see that i did 183 000 that is more than a doctor’s salary the price is wrong i did this only six months after dropping out of my sophomore year of college now at this point you’re probably really curious as to what my first product was and how i found that product i will show you the website i’m going to blur out the brand name because we’re still running this product today two years later look at that insane to this day that’s why i won’t reveal the actual brand name i will show you a blurred out version of a few of my products now like i mentioned before everything i talk about on this youtube website is never proprietary that means that all of these products that are blurred out that have been my winners over the course of the past two years can be sold by you from aliexpress if you know how to do it correct the webinar that i touched on a little bit earlier in the beginning of the  article actually reveals the product the store the first ads that i ran the models that i shot with and how i found my first few beauty products using my amazon research strategy all you got to do is go to this link backslash masterclass hit this grab your seat now button it’s going to check your availability i do this three times per night it’s going to be an hour-long webinar and most importantly i’m going to reveal the seven steps that i took to accomplish this and how you can do it as well here’s my homepage like i said i don’t want to reveal too much here on youtube publicly everything that you need to know is going to be available on that webinar here are a few tidbits from some past people who have watched this webinar who ended up working with me in dropshipping and have had fantastic results now in september of 2020 my favorite thing about the ecommerce community is helping others learn how to do it past 90 days you just saw i did 73 000 on this brand this is one of my 16 brands last month alone i think i did a little over 700 000 in revenue when you start pushing your business to numbers like that you lose some of the specialness of it and i feel like i gained some of that back by helping people on a very ground level with the basics of drop shipping that even myself had no idea how to do two years ago that’s why i love educating that’s why i started this youtube website and that’s why my number one goal with all of this the webinar included is to help you learn how to do it as fast as possible i know more than anyone how depressing it feels to be sitting in a classroom sitting in a job sitting at your kitchen table at night staring at bills dreading the future i’m gonna flash up some previews of the webinar right now drop the link again

so you can go and register the first product that i started selling as a college dropout and i’m going to show you literally exactly how i found my original winning product next things i’m going to try to share with you in line are exactly what we did to scale this product effectively i’m actually a student of luke all he used to be my mentor he taught me everything about shopify dropshipping i was getting to the point where i was probably going to give up and he actually ended up offering me a spot in his mentorship program he basically gave me a winning product and i did 800k with it in less than three months within about a month i had gone from zero dollars a day in revenue to five thousand dollars in that whole month he basically gave me a ticket to freedom it’s probably the best investment that i’ve ever made in myself luke really cares you know that’s the difference if you have the opportunity to join luke’s program

i would 100 recommend it make sure you grab your seats now because there’s limited spots available as you know i’m back here every monday releasing a new youtube  article so make sure you guys like make sure you guys subscribe and most importantly best of luck on your online entrepreneurship journey if you have any questions at all make sure you comment below and do not hesitate to dm me on instagram until next week best of luck drop shipping i’ll see you on that webinar peace out

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