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grab your phone because that’s all you  need to make hundreds of dollars every  single  day this app is worldwide available and  it’s available for both ios and android  so literally anyone can do this  and don’t worry this won’t be any of  those apps that pay you like once in a  year or  but actually if you follow each and  every step from this video you will be  able to keep making hundreds of dollars  every single day and have some income to  rely on  just from your phone and let me be  honest with you this will not  work for you you will not make any money  if you skip ahead some parts or

you  don’t watch until the end  because obviously that way you will miss  crucial parts but if you stay patient  for a couple of minutes  you could have a great income stream and  you can make money  just from your phone so you can then lay  down in your bed  enjoy the app and make money and before  we start don’t forget to subscribe and  hit the bell icon because i’m posting a  lot of different videos about making  money online so if you subscribe and hit  the bell icon

i will notify you whenever i have a new  fresh strategy to make money online so  you can be one of the first to use it  and that way be one step ahead of your  competitors and of course make the most  money so with all that being said and  done  let’s start okay so the only app you  need today is  instagram but don’t worry you will not  have to sell anything on instagram and  you will not be doing affiliate  marketing  it’s different all you need to do is  sign up to instagram start following  other bunch of people and then collect  your earnings  from this website which i’m about to  share with you inside of this video and  now  i will explain you step by step how this  works and how to set it up for yourself  starting with step number one step  number one  create a brand new instagram account and  once again

don’t worry you will not have  to promote  anything on your account or sell  anything on your account anyways  you can basically just install the  instagram app on your smartphone device  on your phone  but i will be using the desktop version  because it’s a lot easier to record it  and it’s a lot easier for me to explain  it to you but everything can be done  with your phone only once you install  the app just  sign up it’s really easy and i guess you  already know how to do that  so i’m not going to cover that that part  so that was the first step just  sign up to instagram go to instagram and  sign up for absolutely free  step number two now you just need to  pick any niche you like that can be  sports niche football niche motivation  quotes niche  nature animals couples kids or whatever  you like  for the sake of this video i will be  using the nature photography niche and  trust me  it really doesn’t matter which one you  choose since we are not promoting  anything  once you think of some niche just change  your username to something that aligns

with it  for example since i’m in the nature  niche i can say  ultimate nature lover or something like  that whatever is available  you can of course choose any username  you like if you’re in a sports niche you  could do maybe like fitness king or  fitness queen  or ultimate football fan or whatever you  like so that was the step number two  pretty simple stuff  just sign up to instagram and choose  your niche step  number three i hope you have completed  the previous two steps because  we are moving onto the step number three  step number three  is to search for your niche on instagram  so as you can see  it’s getting a lot easier and easier and  i think this is one of the easiest ways  to make money online as a complete  beginner you know this is for  newbies basically anyone can do this  just follow the steps from this video  and by the end of it you will be ready  to make profits  just once again don’t skip ahead and  don’t click off because you will miss  crucial parts and you won’t be able to  make any money

if you do so so in my  opinion  it’s better to watch a 10 minutes long  youtube video for absolutely free  listen take action and make real money  then spend countless hours  trying to figure it out on your own i  don’t know that’s just my opinion  anyways  third step is to just look up for your  niche if you’re in the business news  search for business or making money if  you’re in a basketball niche  search for basketball if you’re in a  meme pay if your your page is a meme  page  search for memes in my case i will  search for nature  or nature photography and that will give  me millions of different posts so you  can see all of those posts about nature  that are basically lovely i really like  them once you search for your niche just  leave it like that for a moment step  number four now you want to download a  couple of those posts  so pick something you like copy its url  there’s an option to do so  on your phone as well they’re going to  be like three dots  on the right hand side or something like

that and then you can go to or use any smartphone  app you like  paste that post url here and download it  to your computer or your phone  repeat the same until you have like five  to ten different posts on your phone or  computer  so you find something you like based on  your niche  you copy its url your it’s a link you  know link that takes people to that post  and download it using download gram  download gram is free to use and you  don’t even need to sign up or whatever  so it’s really easy and it goes pretty  fast  so go out there complete this tab go to  instagram download like five to ten  posts and we will continue to the step  number five well actually before we  continue to the step number five don’t  forget to drop a like to this video  leave a thumbs up because it  really takes some time and effort to  find all of these different ways to make  money online  for you and all i’m asking for is a  simple like on the video because it  really means to me  thank you so much let’s continue step  number five  now just re-upload those posts on your

own page and i think only  all of you guys know how to do that just  click on the plus icon at the bottom of  the app  and just click on the post you  previously downloaded to your computer  or your smartphone device and make sure  to credit the page owner you downloaded  from so you won’t have any issues  so just credit them in your description  of the post okay make sure to do so  so post all of that like five to ten  different posts at least you want to  have like five to ten posts on your page  the more the better  before we go to that website where we  will actually collect our profits and  where we will make money from this page  so your job for the next two minutes  is to just upload five to ten posts and  credit the owner you can say like  this photo was taken by and then  mentioned the page or  something like that you know you can  change it of course so it’s  still pretty easy stuff

no tech skills  needed for this no experience needed  this for this even if you never made any  money online yet you can still follow  along and complete these  simple steps you’re already making some  progress at this point so  definitely great job over there and  remember if you’re just  watching this video and not completing  these steps  trust me this will not work for you you  can go to the comment section  complain it didn’t work or whatever but  those that are following along  those that are completing the steps  they’re the ones who collect profits  and make money so it’s up to you i’m  just here to help so yeah  as soon as you complete the step number  five we will continue to the step number  six  step number six once you have all those  posts up on your page all you need to do  is search for niche once again and find  some page  similar to yours same page that’s in the  same niche  as you for example i can search nature  photography again  once you search for it just open some  page that’s once again similar to yours  i will for example use this one and here  starts the real magic

you want to go to their followers and  you want to start following  each and every person that follows them  and you will see why  and how that will make you money with  that other website which i’m about to  show you in a minute and let me just  show you one more thing i currently have  zero followers and i’m following  zero people on this page now i will  start following like  hundreds of people that are proven to be  interested in this niche and eventually  some of them will follow back since we  are very similar to the page they are  following and by doing that  i will gain real followers on my page  real  targeted followers so you can now  literally just elaine your bad with your  phone in your hands  and just abuse this follow button follow  follow follow follow and when these guys  see your page is similar to the one they  are already following  then they will be more likely to follow  you back  okay so 30 minutes passed i clicked the  follow button for a couple of hundred  times  and now i also have some nice amount of  followers and

i recommend you do this  until you have at least like two to  three thousand followers as you can see  it’s pretty easy and it requires no  previous knowledge  just follow a bunch of people and they  should follow back  so that’s the step number six go out  there and follow  targeted people under until they start  following you back and until you gain  some followers  it may take some time instagram may  block the action for a couple of hours  so be aware of that  if you you know follow too many people  or at least in like  10 minutes if you follow like 1 000  people in 10 minutes then they’re  obviously going to follow that action so  be careful over there but don’t worry  because  it will pay off and you’re not gonna be  blocked forever it might they might  block it for like a couple of hours  if that happens and at the end of the  day you’re at home playing around on  your phone and making money so  be grateful for that and speaking of  money let me show you the final step  and that external website where you can  actually make money  once you have enough followers okay

so  this is the final step and the website  that we talked about since the beginning  of this video and the website will  actually make you money is called a  social  once again this is the  instagram account marketplace where you  can buy and sell instagram accounts and  here you can see people selling their  accounts at a very different rates  but the average price for like a few  thousand followers account  is around 100 of course you have  different prices  and different amount of followers but  that’s the average  number for 2 000 followers and it can  literally take you just a few hours to  build that type of account  and by doing so you can sell one account  every day  and make it list 100 a day just  with your phone and if you have even  more free time  then feel free to build multiple of  those multiple of those accounts every  single day  and make hundreds of dollars per a day  you saw that it was super easy

if you  follow the steps from this tutorial just  create an account  repost some photos so people would have  an incentive to follow you back  start following people from your niche  and from similar pages  and sell your account on social trade  here the best part is that this can be  done by  anyone from anywhere from anywhere in  the world whoever has access to the  internet  and it’s all absolutely free no  investment either so once again anyone  can do this  so how do you sell your account here  well you simply come over to the home  page  you click here where it says sell so  it’s pretty simple  you enter your account username so you  can just copy and paste that copy and  paste the account username  select the category and there’s some  basic stuff about your page like how  many followers it has how many likes you  get proposed  how many views etc

and then just select  your payment option how would you like  to collect your profits and that’s it  that’s why i said this might be one of  the easiest ways to make money online so  far  you need no website you need no money to  invest you need no previous experience  all you need to do  is follow the steps and take action and  one more thing before you leave don’t  forget to follow my official instagram  page at  yt investor because i’m doing new  giveaways all the time over there and i  announced winners also that page  and you can even just follow me to see  how i personally spend the money made  online  what do i do with all the money i make  online so you can watch it  you can watch my lifestyle over at the  yt investor  and that’s it for this video i hope you  enjoyed it and i hope you did get some  value out of it and if you did make sure  to drop a like to it  leave a thumbs up because it really  really means to me  and with that being said i will see you  in some of the next artcile

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