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Effective Way To Make Money Online Using Youtube | Best Online Business That Made Me $24,000.

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hello everybody welcome to a new video  on my channel if you’re looking for the  best way to make harness and real money  online and grow youtube channel then you  are in the right place i’m about to  reveal the best  online opportunity that has changed my  life honestly

i understand that making  money online can be very very difficult  and lots of youtubers will tell you  click this button you will earn 25.50  100 but at the end of the day nothing  happens make sure you watch this video  till the end so that i can show you this  amazing opportunity the online  opportunity that i’m about to show you  is called tech spot i have earned  24 000 in a period of four months i know  it’s a lot of time but for me it’s a lot  of money and this is for the first time  that i have earned this kind of money  online  i’ve been scammed i lost a lot of money  but at the end of the day

i never gave  up until i found this amazing  opportunity  i’m going to log into my back office and  explain you exactly what you have to do  in order  to generate this kind of money it’s not  easy i tell you it’s not easy you have  to work  hard in order to get this kind of result  because it’s not a get rich quick scheme  it’s something that you have to work  every day so that you can get results  so i’m going to log in my account so  that i can show you how much i have made  so far  in the past four months  oh look at that oh my goodness this  opportunity is a blessing  especially on the situation we are all  in right now lots of people are jobless  millions of people are struggling to pay  their bills right now and all this stuff  and now you know i’ve been blessed with  this opportunity and the cool thing  about this opportunity is that you don’t  have to be an expert in order to make  money with it all you have to do is to  grab a phone number and  promote it share it with people then you  get paid instantly to the payment method  you choose  it can be paypal bitcoin cash up and  google pay  so let me just break it down for you  real quick so this number you see right  here  this number this is my phone number

it’s  the phone number that the company gave  me  so anytime somebody calls this phone  number you see right here  it’s gonna get them connected with eva  ava is a robot  my virtual assistant pretty much so once  you sign up  it’s going to be the exact same thing  you’re gonna get your phone number  you’re gonna get your virtual assistant  then all you have to do is to share your  number with other people  and once they call your number it’s  gonna get them connected with your  virtual assistant  which is eva and she’s gonna close all  the sales for you in the back office  so all we’re doing is getting people to  call this number  so imagine if you have social media you  have facebook  instagram twitter youtube any kind of  platform that you have but in this video

i’m going to teach you  how to generate money on youtube with  this system even in facebook  twitter whatsapp instagram you can just  make a post and say  hey who is interested in making 100 plus  a day  or 100 to 500 plus per week i believe  that you can’t name anybody that can say  oh no i’m not interested of course  everybody’s going to be interested  then you can say call this number or  text this number to get more information  that’s it and once they call the number  boom that’s all they got to do  now they are on the system your virtual  assistant is going to follow up with  them  like i said your virtual assistant is  going to do all the work for you on the  back end that’s how easy it is  and i can tell you that my goal with  this opportunity is to make 500 000  and this system is amazing and

i know  it’s a great opportunity once i see it  and a lot of time people have to watch  other people making a ton of money first  then in my case once i saw this  opportunity i say i have to jump because  this is a great opportunity i didn’t  think about it twice  and i know it’s a great opportunity once  i saw it for the first time  and when i saw this opportunity i said  hey i’ve got to sign up 100  investment okay i’m going to sign up  because  this is a good opportunity i have  nothing to do than just sharing a phone  number  because people will need to sign up in  order to get the phone number to promote  and people will still doing the same  process  because in order for you to get your  phone number you have to unload your  account which means you have to pay 100  in order to unlock your account so that  you can get your phone number to promote

it and share it with  people that way people will keep signing  up signing up then you will get paid you  will get paid like this  and when i first joined this opportunity  a lot of people kept telling me no  this sounds too good to be true it’s  probably a scam  it’s probably not gonna work out you  know a lot of negative thoughts  but i didn’t let their opinions convince  me if i can  see myself that it’s a good opportunity  and i gotta sign up because  if i didn’t i wouldn’t have had all this  money today and actually this is a lot  of money for me personally it’s a lot of  money this money have changed my life  all this money i have received them  through my cash up paypal bitcoin  because people will have to choose their  own  way of paying and once they pay all i  have to do is to confirm the payment  then  i will save it immediately in my payment  method which may be paypal  cash up bitcoin and all this stuff and  when i sign up four months ago

i invested my 100 and you can see now  you can see  24 000 in four months everything makes  sense right now and just like i told you  lately  my goal is to make five hundred thousand  dollars with it  simply by sharing a phone number  honestly it sounded crazy  four months ago but the people that were  laughing at me they’re like damn this  dude is making a lot of money with it  it’s not funny no more  so now let me show you how to promote  this business on youtube okay  the first thing you need to do is to  create a youtube channel okay i think  you already know if you don’t know how  to create a youtube channel  you can just go on youtube you will see  tons of video on how to create a youtube  channel  okay the first thing you need to do

is  to create a video  of your voice talking just like i’m  doing right now okay talk about this  system  talk about it with people you gotta talk  talk about it promote it that way  then leave the link of the system in the  description of the video or your phone  number  okay once you finish talking about it  ask people to go to the description of  the video  then check it out that way you will be  able to get in the game  so i have a course for anyone that want  to join my team  if you’re interested go to the  description of the video you will see a  number  you can call or text this number to ask  for information  then you will be talking to my virtual  assistant if you don’t want to call you  can  click the link in the description the  first link in the description so that  you can actually go to the website and  see  and get all the information you need in  order to get started but i have already  told you everything necessary in this  video thank you so much for watching  this article  and take care see you in the next one  you

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