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hey everybody it’s your boy tyler odin  from super pumped up to  be going over how you can earn up to  2 000 us dollars per sale yes i said  that right 2 000 with the shopify  affiliate program  if you don’t know what affiliate dot  watch is it’s a platform

i’m working on  where you can find the best referral and  affiliate programs  in the world for free and we also have  an app in the google play store that’s  currently number one in the world for  the keyword affiliate  in today’s video we’re going to be going  over the shopify affiliate program  that pays you 58 to 2 000 per sale  the cookie length is 30 days which is  okay it’s not too long but not too short  they pay out via paypal and they have an ranking of 601 which means  they’re in the top 601 websites in the  entire world which means they get  massive traffic to their website you  probably already know who shopify  is if you don’t uh their headquarters is  out of canada however they have offices  all around the world they launched in  2006  and they’re probably one of the biggest  e-commerce platforms  in the entire world okay so you can get  58 to 2 000  commission uh the two thousand dollar  commissions are on the plus sales  which

i will go over in a little uh they  have a dedicated affiliate  management manager you can promote  14-day free trials so it’s very easy to  get people to try it out for free  they have a 25 dollar minimum payout and  this is their home page okay so  like i said it’s one of the biggest  websites in the world to create an  e-commerce site  etc etc they have a huge platform for  this with many features  they can help you start your business  they can help you sell  things with your business they can help  you market your business and they can  help you  manage everything all in one place in  one platform  this is what their affiliate page looks  like

i will leave a link  down below for you guys they also once  you’re signed up they have a free  shopify affiliate course that you can  use to learn more about the program  and learn about how to make more money  okay so this affiliate page goes over  most of what i’ve already told you guys  about you can earn anywhere from 58 to 2  000  for your referrals they have a dedicated  affiliate manager  manager the good thing about that is  they offer support via phone email or  live chat which is a lot more than most  affiliate programs  offer and they also have a lot of  content guys so you can save  a lot of time by linking to blogs  webinars video tutorials  tools automated funnels etc that are  already been  developed by shopify for your audience

if you come here there will be a link to  apply  you guys can apply and fill out your  information the affiliate program is  with shopify  it’s not on any third-party network this  is  shopify’s pricing page just so you guys  can get an idea  and they also offer a free 14-day  trial no credit card required so it’s  very easy to get people to start  trying shopify right away okay  it also looks like they even have a nine  dollar plan called the shopify light  but it doesn’t have all the normal  features that the normal shopify  plan does okay this is shopify plus so  this is  the platform where you can earn two  thousand dollar commissions on  it’s shopify’s enterprise commerce  platform okay so it’s for  big enterprises in big companies that  need a specific  set of features and need to be able to  manage the complexity  of operating such a big site okay  you can see i think that they wrote that  they have yeah  seven thousand shopify plus brands are  already using the platform  and you can see right here the pricing  starts at two thousand dollars  okay for the customers okay so it’s  quite  expensive it’s for big brands however if  you have those clients available  then their affiliate program where you  can earn two thousand dollars for each  shopify plus referral

that is  absolutely huge and that’s one of the  highest ticket affiliate programs  in the entire industry guys um this is  some more  information about the shopify affiliate  program  i’ll just briefly go over some of the  most important points that i didn’t  brush on earlier  um yeah so for example  uh the one really cool thing about the  shopify affiliate program  is that they have all these localized  pages okay  so for example say you’re in indonesia  you know and your audience  speaks bahasa you can send them this url  okay uh say you need to promote in  mexico and your audience speaks spanish  you can send them this url et cetera et  cetera they have japanese  russian german indian  they have pages for many of the major  countries and  languages okay so that’s very very good  for affiliates  uh as far as getting paid as a shopify  affiliate you guys  they pay out uh twice a month okay  as long as you have a 25 balance and  they’ll pay you  via paypal okay

so i think the affiliate  program is very good  there’s also a lot of big youtubers who  are earning thousands of dollars a month  from this affiliate program loan so it’s  definitely been proven to be a big  success for some affiliates  i personally could not get approved to  the shopify affiliate program  just because of the nature of my site  they don’t want to partner with me  however i hope this video can serve you  guys and i hope i can provide you guys  good information  you guys can make a lot of money with  this affiliate program if you found this  video helpful  make sure to like comment and subscribe  and make sure to check out my website and i hope you guys have  an amazing rest of the day  peace out

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