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Best Online Business to Start in 2020 with No Money

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best online business to start  in 2020 with no money what is the best  online business you can start in 2020  with no money now those of you that  watch me will know exactly what i’m  gonna say start selling services  on fiverr and become a freelancer trust  me it’s so  easy to set up a fiverr account it’s so  easy to get those  seven gigs up there and

i know what’s  not easy getting those first orders  but there is ways to go about that so  first of all  let’s go to the beginning go to create an account and what  you want to do  is go to all of the categories have a  look  at the search results of that category  that is how many people  are selling in that category and that’s  how many gigs there are for the category  so what you want to do is have five so  you get a list of five of the least  gig selling so let’s say 900 800 700  those five think of which one you can do  which service which skill can you  actually do if it’s logo design  can you do that if not then you push  that to the side but if you can review a  website then definitely go for that  there’s a lot of things  that you can already do think about your  habits your skills  your interest how can you put that into  a service and help  other people if you’re good at instagram  then help other people grow on instagram  if you’re good at tick tock  help other people grow on tick tock if  you can video edit  they help other people video editing but  a great thing to get into is reviews

if you’ve got a microphone or even just  a normal headphone mic  you can do reviews if you’ve got a good  voice and you’ve got a headphone  or something you can do reviews that  could be reviewing people’s instagram  accounts making sure they post correctly  that could be reviewing youtube channels  that could be reviewing twitter  any type of review that you can do i  would definitely say  do those services now another one is  actually setting up people’s  youtube accounts setting up google  accounts creating websites on  wix and wordpress if you know how to  create a website  then sell that service and help someone  else if you know about domains help  people  how do you choose a domain how do you  set up a domain so i definitely  recommend now what

i would say is  definitely make sure you have those  seven gigs up so have seven gigs  that could be seven gigs in different  categories or  you could niche down all of your skills  into  seven different gigs now the great thing  about this is with your  seven gigs what you can do is have a  basic  package and the middle package and then  the premium package  so basically you’ve got three packages  so like cheapest  medium cheapest and then the highest  price so what you want to do  is have free tiers within that one gig  so now  you’ve got like seven times three on all  of them so you’ve got seven times three  so really it’s like you have  21 gigs instead of actually just having  seven gigs if that makes sense you want  the three tiers on each one  now what

you want to do is start off low  you’ve literally got a look at your  competition  whatever they’re offering offer more for  a lower price  that’s so you can get the orders coming  in and then what you want to do  is obviously provide so much value that  you get a five star review  and that your customer is happy you’ve  got to think about your customer make  sure  that you’re doing it because you enjoy  it make sure you’re doing it because you  love it and make sure that you’re  actually  giving your customer what they want  because they’ve paid you money don’t  just  be thinking about money don’t think oh  how much money can i get are you  providing value are you actually helping  the person and is your  service offering value so that should be  the key and then if you’re  consistently providing value your orders  will go up you’ll be getting five star  reviews  which will help you go up in the system  so yes  definitely

set up a fiver let me know in  the comments below  your thoughts on this video and also  if you are going to go ahead and set up  a fiver account  and as always if this is your first time  watching me  please subscribe for more videos just  like this  and a wide variety why not check out  this video up here  or check out this playlist down here if  you have got more time  thank you so much for watching and i  will see you next time

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