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5 Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing with NO Money and NO Website 🟢

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can you do affiliate marketing without a  website  you may think the answer is no but in  fact there are ways to start affiliate  marketing  without a website and with no money and  in this video i’ll go over  five ways in which you can make money  online as a beginner affiliate marketer  with no website  now while you can do this without a  website that doesn’t necessarily mean  you should  especially if you plan on turning this  into a long-term online business  one that will allow you to leave your  nine-to-five job here are two things  you should consider first number one  many affiliate programs  require you to have a website in order  to start promoting their products  so you will find yourself with limited  options on what you can promote  and number two you are not building  something you own  when you promote your affiliate links on  platforms you do not own  you are at the mercy of those platforms  so if one day  they decide for whatever reason to kick  you off their platform there goes your  entire business  and income but when you own your traffic  such as having an email list of  prospects  then you have an asset that is truly  worth its weight in gold  and has the ability of making you more  money for years to come  so if building a long-term affiliate  marketing business interests you then

i  have a free affiliate marketing bootcamp  in the descriptions of this youtube  video down below it will show you how to  turn your online business  into a full-time income in 100 days or  less  definitely make sure to grab that before  you leave now let’s look at the first  way in which you can do affiliate  marketing without a website and that is  posting  helpful articles on is an open publishing  platform that nearly anyone can publish  on  so if you don’t want to go through the  hassle of building and maintaining your  own website  you can still create content and build  up a following you can even create your  own branded space  on the site from stories around the  common theme or  topic you want to write about as well as  customize how your publications will  look like  so where

do you make the money well  these pooled publications from multiple  writers  help to push up the google ranking of  the medium website as a whole  giving your publication a better chance  of being found  let’s say for example someone is  interested in buying a copy of the  traffic secrets book by russell brunson  oftentimes people will google a review  of the book prior to purchasing  they google traffic secrets book and  they’re in the search results  shows up your medium article book review  you write a helpful review on the book  and have a call to action for people to  purchase the book from you with your  affiliate link  they click to purchase and you make an  affiliate sale from a simple medium  review article you posted  but let’s say you’re like me and  writing’s not your thing going along

the  same lines of doing product reviews  you can do video reviews on youtube  which brings us to way number two in  doing affiliate marketing without a  website and that’s  youtube affiliate marketing youtube is  the second largest search engine  platform behind google  and that makes it one of my top choices  and favorite ways to make money with  affiliate marketing  not to mention statistics everywhere  show that video consumption is  increasing  meaning more and more people are  indicating that their favorite way to  get information  is to watch it versus reading it and  here for example is one of my videos  discussing jim edwards book copywriting  secrets which i affiliate for  similar to a book review you can do a  cliff notes version of the book  that gets someone interested in buying  it i actually learned this technique  from jim by himself reading his book  copywriting secrets  getting people thirsty for more is one  of the three selling formulas  jim shares with us and it’s worked  really well for me in getting more  affiliate sales to his book  and just like a medium article you want  to give a call to action  throughout my video i invite people to  grab a free copy of the book  by going into the descriptions of the  youtube video where i have my affiliate  link  there they can grab a free copy and as  well as cover the shipping and handling  to them  the best part about doing affiliate  marketing this way  is that youtube will eventually

also pay  you for the content you  upload on your channel once you reach 1  000 subscribers and 4 000 watch hours in  a 12 month period  you can apply for youtube monetization  making affiliate sales and getting paid  by youtube to upload free videos as  a perfect double payout opportunity way  number three for making affiliate sales  without a website is by pinning  affiliate links on pinterest  i talk about this extensively in my  pinterest affiliate marketing youtube  playlist  but essentially pinterest allows you and  i to pin affiliate links are  directly onto their platform while that  may make you want to run off and start  pinning your affiliate links  on pinterest right now you may want to  finish listening to the rest of this  pinterest does not want to be a site  where people are spamming their  affiliate links  and it makes sense if pinterest users  don’t enjoy their experience on  pinterest  they’ll leave in droves and that’s not  good see pinterest is a platform  where roughly 80 percent of their user  base is women  and on top of that the average annual  household income  of 40 of these users is over 75 000  these are some sophisticated buyers and  simply throwing affiliate links at them  is not going to work  plus direct affiliate links will only  get you a small handful of views  not nearly enough volume necessary to  make this a feasible long-term strategy  but wait

i don’t want to discourage you  from doing pinterest affiliate marketing  without a blog  because there is a strategy that has  worked well for me and netted me  thousands of views  clicks and sales to my offers and it  involves  way number four of doing affiliate  marketing without a website  and that is click funnels click funnels  is a software  that allows affiliate marketers and  small business owners  to automate and increase their sales  with a series of landing pages  you can think about it as a one-page  website that has your product or service  being offered  and a checkout button for easy payment  for example  here is a one-page checkout that i have  re-pinned multiple times on pinterest  that offers business owners my five-day  sales funnel challenge for only seven  dollars  it has information about my offer and a  way to purchase the product  when they purchase the product it takes  them to my next offer  for my affiliate offers i bridge them  over with a  page click funnels page this allows me  to potentially get  thousand more views to my affiliate  offer since i’m not pinning  my affiliate link directly onto  pinterest but similar to blogging  my affiliate link is embedded into one  of these  clickfunnels pages you can use these  one-page websites on any platform you  want to promote on including pinterest  now if you want to try out clickfunnels  for 14 days for free  then you can do so with my special link  in the youtube descriptions  and now to method number five for doing  affiliate marketing without a website  and that’s  using social media networks such as  facebook  facebook has pockets of communities that  congregate within facebook groups  these communities share common interests  and behaviors  align these interests with a specific  affiliate product  and you have a goldmine of sales on your  hands  simply find an affiliate product to  promote and look for an appropriate  facebook group  where people who are interested in the  product would congregate  become an active participant in this  group share your knowledge  freely and help people whenever possible  often times many of these groups have  certain days out of the week where they  allow you to promote your product  and if the facebook group doesn’t allow  you to promote any  of your pinterest of your affiliate  links within the group  then don’t fret you can always start  your own facebook group and invite  members from other groups to join  when you have your own facebook group

you can promote your affiliate links  freely  now click on my next article you see on  your screen popping up now  this is my entire pinterest affiliate  marketing playlist  that will share with you how to drive  tons of free traffic  and sales to your offers using pinterest  i also go over pinterest search engine  optimization  and how to get found on pinterest so  make sure not to skip  over that one in the playlist and if you  need help  finding affiliate offers to promote then  this other video on your screen  will share with you my top 50 recurring  affiliate programs to promote  go ahead click to one of my other videos  now  seriously you’ll find tons of money  making information in them  okay ready i’ll see you in the next  article

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