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5 easy ways to make money || South African YouTuber

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and i am back with yet another  article if you subscribe thank you and if not then please do subscribe to my youtube channel so as you can tell by the title of this  article i’ll be sharing with you all five ways five ways to make easy money as a teenager like legit these ways you could be making this money like right now like you could be sitting at home and you could be making that money right now so without further ado let me just get into this  article so the first way is to do online surveys you could legit just be answering questions like which shampoo do you prefer using which deodorant do you prefer using um would you want to travel to this country one day it’s literally just questions like that and it’s normally like 10 to 15 questions that you have to answer and then you can make quick cash out of it now

i’ll put the links to different surveys that you can do you know different websites that have service that you can do and then you can earn money legit um the second way is to become an instagram promoter but only if you have a following and when i say a following i don’t mean you should have a hundred thousand followers you could legit just do this even if you have like a thousand followers you could become an instagram promoter and promote small businesses easy money easy money people easy money the third way is to get uh sorry to get sweat coin and sweatcoin is an app that literally just pays you for walking like you could get paid for walking you could be walking around the house you could get paid you could be walking in your neighborhood you could get paid you could be walking to school you could get paid for doing that so get the app the link to the app will be down in the description box below and the fourth way is to sell candy and chips on the low at school so the reason why i’m saying that you should sell it on the low is because

i know that a lot of schools will tell you no you’re breaking policy no blah blah blah blah but honestly i feel like all of us sorry all of us at school we end up just buying uh chips and candy and stuff from people that that’d be selling them on the low because the school’s tuck shop really be selling um sweets and candy and stuff for like high prices so if you sell them for low prices you’ll get a lot of customers and you’ll make a lot of money from it like no cap and the last way which is which i kind of feel like it’s the easiest way to make easy cash and you can actually make a lot of money from this is to sell like old notes that you have and if for instance you’re in 10th grade and you have notes from ninth grade and you know that you’re not going to use those notes anymore rather just sell those ninth grade notes to other ninth graders because now you’re in 10th grade then you’re probably never going to use those notes ever again

so rather just instead of just giving them away like here you go here’s some notes rather just sell those notes to them you know sell the notes it could be regardless of whatever subject it is people will legit buy nodes because y’all people were legit by your nose so sell your notes and y’all thank you so so much that was the fifth and last um way easy way to make cash thank you so so much for tuning into this  article i hope that these ways work for you because some of them worked for me i won’t say which ones but some of them work for me so i really do hope that they end up working for you thank you so so much for tuning into this  article bye

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