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4 things every affiliate program should be doing.

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hey everyone coming at you live from the  jeb offices as you can see  i’m the only one here our offices are  closed and we’re planning on working  remote  uh through 2021 uh but  wanted to talk to you about a few things  today just four  things that you should be doing right  now and really all the time with your  affiliate program  tracking testing whether your program is  doing really well right now  or you’re really struggling right now  you should have a step-by-step process  in place to make sure that tracking  is always accurate and what i like to do  is

i like to do test orders at regular  intervals  from different affiliate sites from  different computers and from different  locations  and i should have 100 of those track in  my affiliate program so test your  tracking  we also want to do creative updates  whether you are doing well or whether  you’re struggling  make sure your creative is up to date at  all times  that includes banners text links and any  other unique pieces you put together for  your affiliates  to allow them to promote you make sure  they’re updated  affiliate communication make sure you  are ha  you have transparent frequent  communication with your affiliates  and it shouldn’t be the communication  method that you’re comfortable with  it should be the communication method  that each individual affiliate prefers

so if they’re on facebook make sure you  do that if they prefer email  make sure you do that if they prefer a  phone call  i know that’s hard to believe but some  people do make sure you call them on the  phone  so adapt your communication style to the  needs of your affiliates and make sure  you’re doing it frequently  and also serve your partners  this is something that’s often  overlooked but how many times have you  called affiliates to see how they’re  doing and what you can do to help  them a lot of the calls they receive are  how can you help me  me me me

so turn the focus to them ask  how you can serve them  and with you doing these four things  it’s a foundation for success in your  affiliate program now if you need help  with your affiliate program you can get  it from me directly and set up 15  minutes to an hour  by going to jamie birch  and finding a time that works  you can email me at get help  but we created an ebook called  strategies to survive and thrive for  your affiliate program that includes 19  actually 20 tips of strategies and  tactics to help you survive right now  and you can go to  strategies to get access to that  document and you  also get 19 videos from me where i  elaborate on each of those  tips so stay healthy stay protected  wear your mask wash your hands six feet  apart  and i hope you guys have a great day and  this video finds you well and healthy  thanks

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