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3 Science Affiliate Programs [STEAM Niche]

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hello everyone ertha here and today i  want to cover  three science affiliate programs that  are all based  on the steam niche which stands for  science  technology engineering art and math and  all three of these affiliate programs  are based on  products that offer home science kits  for kids and adults people of all ages  but targeted mostly towards the younger  age group to create science projects at  home

so let’s go ahead and dive in  and see what affiliate programs are out  there for this niche  so the first affiliate program in this  niche is the steve spangler  science club and spangler science club  provides  highly interactive experiments and  hands-on activities created  by steve spangler the club is a monthly  subscription that helps children prepare  for a future in a steam-based career or  stem based career which i know they’ve  changed it since then to steam instead  of stem  customers can also buy standalone  science kits the affiliate program is  managed by share sale  and offers ten dollars for subscriptions  and eight percent  on store or orders and you can get to  the affiliate program here  don’t worry i’ll have a link to all of  these affiliate programs below in my  blog post

so uh this is steve spangler science  [Music]  the next science-based affiliate program  is mel  science this company offers home science  projects that make  learning science fun their service  focuses on chemistry sets  experiments homeschooling and vr  lessons virtual reality lessons it is a  subscription-based service  and as an affiliate of the company you  can earn 22 dollars per  subscription another nice plus about  mel’s affiliate program is that you can  request a free sample kit  to promote and review their product  their affiliate program  program page looks just like this and  you can  learn more about the program and what  they have to offer  and then you can just click over and  fill out a simple  application form and register as an  affiliate

so that  is mel science and you can find them  at  the last affiliate program i’m covering  today is  kiwi co the kiwi co was founded  on the basis of celebrating kids natural  creativity and curiosity while helping  parents who want to bring enriching  experience  experiences to their children it is a  subscription-based service  in which you can choose an age group and  have age appropriate  home science crates delivered to your  door  their crates are designed by experts and  tested  by kids the affiliate program is managed  by  impact and offers twenty dollars for  renewing subscriptions  ten dollars for non-renewing  subscriptions and ten percent  for store orders and you can find them  at  so now i’d like to briefly discuss how i  would go about  approaching the steam niche which is  science technology engineering  art and math and particularly with these  affiliate programs as  you are recommending home based science  kits

so the first thing i would do is  create a niche blog and the reason  behind this  is because niche blogs are low cost  and easy to start you generate free  targeted traffic with niche blogs  and the income you can generate from  your affiliate commissions can last for  years to come it’s definitely  a long term online business model  so once i create a niche blog i would  use pinterest to find  some home science projects there’s tons  of them  on there in fact i’ll head over to  pinterest and show you what i mean  so i’m on pinterest right now and all i  did was type in home  science projects and you can see there  is  a lot of different ones that you can  explore  and the reason why i recommend this is  because  you can actually try these projects  on your own or if you have kids you can  try it together  and that’s content for your niche blog  you can create videos  or you can just take pictures step by  step of how you executed these projects  and that’s great content that you can  place on your blog  and then recommend the different  affiliate products such as the home  science based kits  and recommend those within your content

so that  parents can then subscribe and order  these  kits for their children  continuing on i would also perform  keyword research using  google’s auto suggests feature  what that means is just opening up  google search typing  in some keyword phrases that your niche  audience would be interested in  and then creating content around those  keyword phrases  that is in addition to the home projects  that you also write about  that you’ve curated from pinterest  the key to a niche blog is creating  content on a regular basis that means  new blog posts and i recommend doing  this at least  one to two times per week then after  you’ve got some significant  content on your blog let’s say between  five and ten good blog posts  you can apply to these relevant  affiliate programs that we just talked  about and others that you may find  this will significantly boost your  chances of being approved on your first  try  and then once you are approved you can  then recommend these products within  your blog post  using your affiliate links and that is  how you generate a steady stream  of traffic and consistent income online  there are definitely other skills and  techniques that you can learn  to become successful with niche blogging

so  i invite you to follow the same  step-by-step training program that i  used when i got started several years  ago  and i’ll have my referral link below and  this training program  is what helped me to transition from a  full-time retail job  to working full-time on my niche website  and i highly recommend it because it  worked for me and it’s worked for so  many others  it’s free to join the first 10 lessons  are free and by using my affiliate  link below that enables me to serve as a  mentor to you  and help you as you progress through the  training with any questions that you  have  and i’m happy to do that

so click below  to get started today  and that wraps up this video i hope that  these affiliate programs have  inspired you and if you are interested  in the science  niche and particularly the steam niche  then these are some awesome affiliate  programs to get you started  so that’s it for this video thank you so  much for watching please like and  subscribe  and until next time talk soon  English (auto-generated)

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