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3 Keys To Starting A Successful Online Business in 2020

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what’s going on guys welcome back to future affiliate pro so i’m sitting here i’m waiting for my wife to come out of the store and i was just having a conversation with somebody and a few things came up that i wanted to share with you guys that i think will be really really beneficial for you guys if you guys are trying to grow an online business with affiliate marketing so i’m starting to see a lot of the same questions and and issues and objections people are having with starting an online business specifically with affiliate marketing now stick with me here so i’ve really boiled it down to the three what i’m gonna call the three e’s okay

so the first thing is going to be expectations people when they start doing affiliate marketing i think the the issue is is because there are a handful or there’s groups of people out there who are seeing a lot of success with affiliate marketing i have been having myself 10k months in commissions and i have been showing that on my tick tock profile as evidence not only for myself to self-validate the work that i’m putting in but also to show other people what’s possible well people take this through a different lens and they think that when they start doing affiliate marketing that they’re gonna just start and jump right to making ten thousand dollars a month and i can tell you guys right now that’s not the way it happens especially with online business because number one you don’t have a tribe you don’t have a people that know like and trust you and you just haven’t put in the work to learn the skills necessary to be able to convert more commissions right to take leads and turn them into commissions all right

so what i try to tell people when people come into my sphere of influence when people start getting to know me they come into my facebook group what i’m trying to explain to them is that you need to set your expectations you temper your expectations it very rarely do people go out and have 10k months within the first month or two with affiliate marketing a lot of things need to fall into place for that to happen okay

so that that expectation is and should be that you’re in this for the long game okay you’re in this to go six months a year eight i’m over 18 months into my journey and i’m now seeing success the first year of my journey in online marketing affiliate marketing was not that great and i tell people that i did not make a lot of commissions but i knew that if i kept my head down and if i continued to keep taking the wins taking the the keep taking the forward momentum of my wins because i was taking a lot of l’s i was taking a lot of losses i was paying for softwares and i wasn’t really seeing success right i was paying month after month after month but i wasn’t really making any commissions but i was able to propel myself with with wins in 2020 where i’ve been able to take my online business to a 10k a month business it didn’t happen overnight this has been 18 to 24 months in the works so what i try to explain to people is to temper their expectations this second e all right

so the second e is going to be education whether you spend money or you spend your time you need to get educated on how to properly do digital marketing and affiliate marketing and you can just align yourself with people who are successful you can follow what they’re showing you on youtube uh you guys can go into their facebook groups you can watch what they’re doing you can go and you can funnel hack them see how their funnels are set up you can get on their email list you can see how they’re emailing their list how often they’re emailing their list what is their messaging like and then you can then put it into your own word you can spin it right so that education is going to be sped up by investing in yourself you will see a part positive roi i hundred percent guarantee it if you invest in yourself and i know people have heartburn or consternation or people are very apprehensive to want to purchase a course but what i can speak from from experiences is that without investing in yourself or maybe buying purchasing a mentor or uh either taking the time right a couple hours per day of maybe going through youtube articles and watching maybe

some of your favorite content creators how they’re running their businesses how they are able to generate such large commissions right either high ticket commissions or they’re generating you know twenty thirty forty thousand dollars a month in online marketing so you have to ask yourself well well what kind of education can i invest in what can i afford right now that will propel my success in my own online you know business venture okay that second e is very very important don’t be afraid to invest in yourself you will always see a positive roi even if it’s a seven dollar course i’m going to link the business builder challenge below that’s really where i started to see success is where i started with the business builder challenge the seven dollars propelled me into more education which i then implemented and then i started teaching people and that’s when i started giving that value that i was learning that’s when i started to get success all right

so that second e is very very important whether you’re investing with your time or your money just know that you will get a positive roi you will i tell all of my students this i tell people in my facebook group you need to start investing in yourself and when you don’t invest in yourself you’re going to be disappointed because you’re not going to see the results that you want to get so the last e is going to be environment and i think this was really really important for me that i didn’t surround myself with like-minded entrepreneurs people who were on their affiliate marketing journeys i was not part of a lot of facebook groups uh i did not have my own group and i was just kind of like bouncing around just watching youtube articles and buying cheap informational products uh you know through warrior plus and jvzoo and i was i was learning skills along the way but i didn’t i wasn’t surrounded by people who i could reach out to who were already a few steps ahead of me who were seeing a lot of wins right and these are people that i didn’t have access to when i first started i just didn’t know how important my environment was going to be and one of the biggest reasons i’ve been having a lot of success within my own affiliate marketing business is i am now surrounded by an environment like a legendary marketer community like my own facebook group community like all of the like-minded entrepreneurs out there who are making you know five and six figures per year with digital and affiliate marketing i’ve connected with these people they are now part of my environment they are helping me get to where i’m trying to go with my business and i’m trying to help as many people as possible but that environment is super important

so if you guys are interested in joining my facebook group about to hit a thousand members make sure you guys there’s a there’ll be a link in the description down below join my facebook group you can join a group i have a group in there with people who are beginners people who are a few months into their journey and then people who have been doing it for eight years right so these are all people who really we all can benefit from each other even the people who are beginners because the experienced people can see what they’re dealing with in terms of uh struggles with their online business and because they’re so far removed right there’s

so many years removed they found a system that works for them they want to figure out in today’s environment what’s not working for people and what’s working for beginners right and i think that environment of being in inside of a facebook group or being part of a community allows you to look at people look at things through a different lens all right so those three just to recap expectations make sure you guys set your expectations uh straight to know that it’s a journey it’s a long road but if you keep at it you will be successful the second thing is education invest in yourself whether it be time or money and then the last thing is going to be your environment make sure you surround yourself and be part of communities that will support you and your online business endeavors all right if you guys got value out of this article make sure you guys you guys already know what to do hit the like button and if you’re not subscribed to my  website already lots of great content going to be coming out this year into 2021 i’m super excited for 20 uh 2021 it’s going to be an amazing year for for me and for all of the people inside my facebook group uh i know that we’re going to have a lot of wins all right hit the subscribe button leave a comment down below it helps the algorithm and i will see you guys on the next article peace out   so you

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