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17 EASY MONEY APPS & WEBSITES (Make Money Online Worldwide 2020)

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you have asked me to show you easy  websites and mobile apps for making  money online  and because of your requests on this  youtube channel  i have shown you many options to make  money online by doing easy things  such as liking youtube articles or  commenting on youtube articles  watching articles online clicking apps  answering questions  and sharing your internet connection and  in this article  i will list you all the best website and  mobile apps  that pay you real money for making some  easy  tasks online my friends and i have cast  out real money from this website to our  bank and paypal accounts  so these are proven to work and in total  these 17  apps that i’m going to show you have  paid millions of  dollars to their users if you want to  learn more details of each app  i will leave you all the resources and  links in the description  because

i have created specific articles  of all of these that i’m going to  mention in this article  let’s start right away with number one  and number two and these  are those micro task websites  where you can make money for example  liking youtube articles or commenting on  youtube articles  and performing all kinds of easy tasks  like this  those are for example micro workers and  pico  workers this website obviously don’t pay  a lot of money  but they are also easy because you  simply need to do some easy tasks  that usually take less than five minutes  to do  then the website or mobile app number  three is called honey gain  and recently i have created a couple of  articles for you where i explained to you  how this work and  what i showed actually how i cast out  money from this  app it’s actually a very unique kind of  service because  you simply need to share your internet  connection with them and then you will  earn money for doing that  and if you have an unlimited data plan  with your internet connection  you can earn maybe one dollar per day  passive income  by sharing your internet connection

for  free  and that makes like 30 dollars per month  passive income  then the next websites pay you for  performing all kinds of easy tasks  and on this website there is not only  one or two tasks that you should do  there are many different kinds like  playing games downloading apps  answering surveys searching on the  internet and all these kind of things  so first one is swagbucks  about this i’ve talked in my other  articles it’s probably the biggest one of  all  they have paid more than 340 million  dollars to their members  over the years second one is time box i  have known this website since 2017  and i have created actually three articles  on my youtube channel  where i explain more about it you can  also make money by  uploading some article to tick tock if you  if you are using time box  number six is price treble and this  website also make makes you money  by watching articles and doing this kind  of easy tasks  number seven is feature points and on  feature points i especially like the  design and the layout in my personal  opinion it’s very  simple to use and it’s very beautiful  website in that sense  i actually created recently a article  where i explained to you how you can  make even more money  on feature points so feel free to check  out that article  in the description website number eight  is earnably and again this is one of  those websites where

i have cast out  money  this one works worldwide in many  different countries  i have seen people also from asia  getting started on this website and  earning a couple of  dollars here and there then the number  nine is  license and actually my friend eddie  made more than 29 thousand  dollars through this website this was  before known as  clix sense and i created a specific  license review where i explained how  eddie made so much money  uh he’s from work at home no scams  youtube channel so  feel free to check out eddie’s youtube  channel as well  by the way if you have any questions  regarding any of this website  let me know in the comments below i  would love to help you out further so  you can also  start making money and i want to remind  that these are  easy money websites and as you have  learned in my other articles  easy money is usually just a little bit  of money  if you want to earn a lot of money then  check out the link in description  for better ways to make money online

i  usually leave you  the first link and also in the pinned  comment  some resource where you can learn the  steps to make even a life-changing  income online  then the next two options are those easy  money  mobile apps also some of the previous  ones that i mentioned  in this article have a mobile app for  example honey again  feature points swagbucks they have  mobile applications that you can use  to make money with your smartphone but  the next two they only have a mobile app  so  they don’t operate through a website the  first one is called  double app and on this website you can  make money for example by  clicking ads watching articles and  answering  surveys but it only operates in the  united states as far as i know  but then there is a second one called  app nana and that operates  worldwide as far as i know and it has  been operating  for years i have known this app called  appnana since 2016 2017.  the next two are only survey sites  like i mentioned to you before swagbucks  price rebel all these things  they also provide online surveys but  there were also other options  how you can make easy money through  those website but on the next tool  you can only make money by answering  surveys  the first one is called paid viewpoint  and this is very unique  survey sites because on the other survey  sites  you usually need to answer a couple of  questions and then they  define whether or not you are qualified  for the survey  and oftentimes

if you have ever tried  survey sites you notice  that you may answer questions for five  to ten minutes  and then they say to you i’m sorry you  weren’t qualified  try the next one and then you just  realized hey i just wasted 10 minutes  answering a survey earning zero dollars  because i wasn’t qualified  but on patreon point if you get a survey  you are guaranteed to get qualified so  you will get paid for that survey  paid viewpoint also operates worldwide  but they have more surveys available in  specific countries  but when you sign up i recommend that  you fill out all your profile  information  so they can match the right surveys for  you  then the next one is called toluna and  this is actually  one of the first survey websites like  easy money website  where i ever cast out money myself how  this work is simply you  sign up you create your profile so they  can match the right service  and then they will send you emails every  now and then saying that hey  there is a new survey available but  there is a frustrating thing with the  luna  uh also like if you start answering  surveys they oftentimes tell you after  five ten minutes  hey you were not qualified try the next  survey

so in that sense paid viewpoint is a  better option  then there is this website called qme  that pays you money for searching on the  internet  and again my friend eddie from work at  home knows comes he showed in his article  that he has made even more than 558  dollars through this website mostly  through referrals as i explained in my  specific  qme review but that simply shows that  this website is proven to work  and it pays and again it’s only in some  specific countries  some of these apps work worldwide not  all of this  15 and 16 are very interesting because  they pay you  for exercising i have known these apps  for several years so i know that these  are 100  uh proven to work and they pay money the  first one is called  sweat coin and they have also this  mobile application that  pays you like gift cards and money for  walking and the more you walk  the more points you earn and once you  have enough points  you can turn your points into gift cards  and cash  and i really like this idea because it  encourages people  to exercise and it’s a wonderful idea  there are

also some other similar  applications like sweatcoin that pay you  money  for walking but this wet coin is  probably the most popular one  the next one is called healthy weights  and this  is very unique i think healthy weights  can pay you the highest amount of money  but you also need some money to get  started  so with healthy weights application and  challenge  uh you will bet for losing weight so  this is not for  skinny people this is only for people  who want to lose weight they have this  challenge like let’s say for example you  would like to see  lose 10 kilos or let’s say 25 pounds  in the next six months then you can put  a bit  on this healthy weight website like you  are betting for example 50 dollars per  month  that you will really lose is 10 kilos in  the next  six months and if you win that if you  really accomplish your challenge  you lose the amount you want to lose  then they will pay you  huge rewards and some people have earned  even hundreds  some people even thousands of dollars  i’ve seen on their website some people  earned even  three four thousand dollars through  their challenge now if you’re wondering  like where are they getting their money  uh it’s funded also by government and  some major corporations

so  that’s how they can encourage people to  lose weight and live a healthier  life then the number 17 is called dos  app and this is one of those apps that  pay you money for shopping  so there’s those cash back apps they  don’t actually give you money  but they give you money back when you  have soft let’s say for example  if you spend for example 100 and you get  seven percent back  you get seven dollars and those app is  just one of the  many there are like dozens probably even  hundreds of different cashback  applications and but websites  but in my opinion those probably has the  best reviews like  4.5 out of five or something like this  so it’s a very trusted people are loving  it but it  only operates in specific countries now  these websites pay only a little bit of  money because they are easy money  websites so i  encourage you check out also the link  description  follow the steps there and i will give  you a way  for earning more money online i will  show you my number one recommendation  and the steps for you to get started and  move forward with  that one i would also love to hear from  you have you used any of these  applications  have you cast out money tell me in the  comments also if you have any questions  regarding this  i will be more than happy to help you to  start making money  thank you very much for watching my  friend and you and me we will see you in  the next article  have a wonderful day my friend

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