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🌈My New Affiliate Marketing Toy ~ Always Free Life Time Access Web Site ~Tools, Funnels, and More.

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hi  my friends and welcome or welcome back  i’m george  pierce i do want to thank you for  watching and this video is about a new  toy a new affiliate marketing toy that i  want to share with you that i think  you’re going to like  and if you’re if you’re new you may not  know what i’m talking about but  once you’ve been a a youtuber an  affiliate marketer for any period of  time there’s usually  some kind of a tool that you’re going to  want to purchase  in order to help make your job easier so  that’s the subject of this video and the  tool that i’m talking about is a whole  suite of tools and a whole lot more  it’s called group funnels it’s by mike  tulsan  over 15 years ago when i was just  beginning mike was already a superstar  the thing about mike is that whatever he  does  it’s going to turn into gold and mike is  honest  straight up dependable trustworthy so  the kind of people that you want

i want to very briefly talk about the  the free version but the free version  includes what that what they call groove  pages and grooves sell  roof sell alone is worth about a hundred  dollars a month and it’s free  and it it’s not just one website it’s  three  kind of product that’s perfect for uh  for youtubers  it’s perfect for beginners it’s perfect  for new newbies  it may be perfect for a lot of small  businesses even the free version is a  complete  platform unto itself the main reason for  this video is because i want to share  with you  the affiliate program because i think  the affiliate program is one that you  should know about i think that one  you’re going to want to jump on  as an affiliate if you have the free  version anyone that you bring in that  actually purchase or purchases or  upgrades  you’re going to get 20 and if you go  with the paid version yourself  then you’re going to get 40 on the first  tier and you’re also going to get a  second tier of 10  now i went to the paid version but not  for the affiliate  program i went because of the tools and  all the things that are included  the reason why the paid version is so  special  is because right now it’s in the beta  stage

so right now you can actually get  the paid version  and pay for it one time and you have it  for life and the paid version is going  to include  things like an autoresponder that’s  comparable to active campaign  and that alone is worth a ton of money  as you know that alone can cost anywhere  from 150 to 500  a month or more it’s going to include  webinars which is something that  businesses and network marketers  uh use that’s a big plus for for like  that kind of an audience  it’s going to recruit and include groove  affiliates

so if you have a product and  want to set up affiliates  that’s included groov email and of  course the funnels  the web pages my marketing tips for this  product  in my opinion base are more based on  experience if you have little to no  experience i would probably recommend i  would suggest that you focus  on the free side of this focus on people  that are  new that are looking for focus on  youtubers that don’t have a  a website people that want a website and  so forth focus on those people  once you gain some experience or if you  have any experience  then i would i would suggest that you  focus  primarily on the features and the  benefits and the fact that you can  actually  presently buy this since it’s in the  beta stage you can  presently buy this one time  and you have several different payment  options you can make it in one payment  or you can make it in several payments  three payments 12 payments  and the idea is is once it’s paid for  that’s it

so if you stretch it out over 12  payments that’s the end of it you’ve  paid for you own it  there’s no more 13th payment and like i  say there’s a lot of network marketers a  lot of businesses  that are looking for uh the webinar  feature for example there’s a lot of  email marketers that would  they would love to have an autoresponder  this comparable to active campaign and  according to mike phil saying this is  actually going to be better than  activecampaign and again pay for it once  and be done with it  it’s a way for them to save money and  you’re still going to make  this product both free version and paid  version are absolutely sensational  and and i would expect that of course  for my phil saying so don’t sell the  product  huh it’s kind of an old sales thing sell  the appointment  don’t sell the product sell the  appointment and that’s pretty much what  your job is it’s to sell the appointment  so simply get them to click through get  them to click  through to the website get them to click  through to group funnels  that’s all you need to do and it only  takes a few  features and benefits to do that so  don’t list everything that’s available  that’s not necessary it’s overkill a few  important features and benefits they’re  going to look at it

i can use that and  they’ll click and they will visit  and then let the site do the selling and  fortunately what you’re going to  discover is you’re going to have a lot  of people that are interested in this  product and i made the  the free product yes certainly but the  paid product as well so  that’s another reason why i’m sharing  this with you because timing right now  is excellent and there’ll be a link  below to group funnels i invite you to  visit  if you got value from this video if you  like this video give it a big old thumbs  up do that right now i’d appreciate it  and while you’re at it if you haven’t  subscribed yet for goodness sake smash  the subscribe button smash the subscribe  button ring the bell  and that way you’re not going to miss  out when these videos are published  thank you for watching thank you so much  i appreciate it i appreciate you  and allow me to wish you much success  you

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